It’s time for Korean Food once again. Aside from the fact that I love Kimchi, what drew me closer to Korean food are the unique flavors and the tons of appetizers. In one of our malling escapades in the Eastwood mall, we had to look for a place to eat since our tummies were already grumbling. We passed by Kogi Bulgogi at the second floor. The posters looked appetizing, so we went in and ordered.

While waiting, we were served 6 small dishes of appetizers. I was like a child in a candy store, trying from one platter to another, only to find out that Kimchi was still my favorite. They didn’t serve us the water spinach or kangkong that I also like, so we ordered that.

The Sesame Spinach Salad at Php 145 was delicious. Vegans will love this. The spinach was mixed with sesame oil.

For the main meal, we ordered the dish featured in the poster that they had in the restaurant. They were featuring the Ssambap. We ordered the Sam Gyup Sal Ssambap at Php 187. These were rice with pork strips and lettuce.

Sam Gyup Sal Ssambap

This is how to eat this:
1. Get a lettuce leaf and spread it on the palm of your hand. The leaves that they served were crunchy and fresh.

2. Spread the rice on top of the leaf. For me, the amount of “cup” serving that they had was too much for one lettuce leaf. If you find it to be too much, too, just take half of it and wrap it inside the lettuce leaf.

3. Take the pork strips and place it on top of the rice. One order had 6 little strips. I hope that they add more of these. The servings seemed too little.

4. Wrap and dip it into the sauce called SSamjang. I love the sauce! I would come back just to have a taste of that distinct flavor again!

We also ordered the Tuk Bulgogi (Bulgogi Pot) at Php 288. It was like Sukiyaki. The sauce was sweet and it was a good compliment for the ingredients that was mixed into the bowl. The Tuk Bulgogi had mushrooms, beef, vegetables, tofu and glass noodles. What’s good is that this was cooked right in front of you.

Kogi Tuk-Bolgogi

The food was okay. The service can be improved further (specially compared to other Korean restos we’ve tried) but it wasn’t bad. The price was reasonable. It was a decent Korean restaurant that’s sure not to break the bank.

Contact Details:
Kogi Bulgogi

Facebook Fan Page: Kogi Bulgogi
Website: Kogi Bulgogi
Phone Number: (+632) 470-6884 to 85

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