When you’re craving for milk tea, you don’t normally think of 7-11. However, being stuck in McKinley Hill for my day job, I don’t really have the luxury of having a nearby milk tea place. We, however, have 2 7-11s (with a new one popping up even nearer). Fortunately, I discovered a couple of milk tea drinks from 7-11 that I enjoyed and I think you will too.

This is the Mine Shine Premium Milk Tea. It has a smooth sweet milk tea taste. At P40 in 7-11, it’s a bit expensive but it does fill my occasional need for a milk tea fix.

Mine Shine Milk Tea (P40)

This is the Snacktime Belgan Chocolate Milk Tea. It has an unmistakable milk tea flavor accompanied by a delicious rich chocolate taste. Belgian chocolate? Not so sure but it does have a very smooth chocolate flavor – not too sweet.

Snack Time Belgian Chocolate Milk Tea (P47)

So if you’re stuck anywhere and you feel that milk tea craving, look for a 7-11. There’s bound to be one near you and try these drinks!

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6 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    no it doesn’t. and latest check, it’s not available in 7-11 anymore. I believe the BFAD recently came up with a ban list and it was on it!

    • Triggerhappy21

      ahh, that explains why i couldn’t find it anywhere anymore

  2. Anonymous

    I love mineshine too!! :) i havent tried the belgian choco but my friends swears its good.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah sarap yun! Argh… I’m craving for one right now. :P

      • U8mypinkcookies

        try Famous House pearl milk tea also… it’s in cans and usually sold in groceries. (I bought some from Makati Supermart & Unimart before) :D

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