Fast, Tasty and Affordable Northern Pinoy Cuisine

If you are on a budget and if you are looking for satisfying meal in the Ortigas area, then Iggi’s Kitchen is what you are looking for.

Iggi's Kitchen

They have meals that you can buy at less than 100 pesos. I went there with my officemates and we got to try these affordable meals.

We tried their Lumpiang Shanghai. You can get is as a meal, with plain rice and iced tea and this will cost you only Php 99. The snack size with out the rice and iced tea is at Php 69. The meal came with 8 pieces of lumpia with a full cup of rice and it was pretty filling. I just wish that they give more sauce for the lumpia.

Iggi's Kitchen

Iggi's Kitchen Lumpiang Shanghai

We also ordered the Kare-Kare. They had two variants: you can order the dish with beef and veggies or just plain veggies. The latter was at Php 109 and the plain veggies is sold at Php 99. They had just the right amount of beef, although I wished there were more leafy veggies.
Iggi's Kitchen

Iggi's Kitchen Kare Kare

For their value meals, they also offered Pork Barbeque, Palabok, Fried Chicken, Pinakbet and Poqui Poqui, They have other a la carte dishes, sandwiches, drinks and desserts available.
Iggi's Kitchen

Iggi's Kitchen Turon a la Mode

We tried the Turon a la Mode (Php 59) for dessert. It was 4 mini pieces of turon with vanilla ice cream and caramel syrup. It was okay but I expected the turon to be much bigger for its price.

I have no idea though why they call it affordable Northern Pinoy cuisine, but nonetheless, these are cheap and filling dishes that would be great for daily lunches.

Contact Details:
Iggi’s Kitchen
4th Floor (Cinema Level) of the Podium

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  1. ej

    @MinnieRunner: it's pretty good! and if you're a vegetarian, you can try the all veggie karekare.


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