Yes, there is such a thing as Japanese burgers, and it’s surprising that not a lot of people know about Sango! yet. If you are tired of the normal choices of fried and grilled burgers with cheese, tomatoes, onions and ketchup, try these unique burgers from Sango!

Sango! The Master Burger food chain has more than 20+ burger choices to choose from. We visited their store at the Power Plant and we ordered a burger each. EJ ordered the Master Cheese Burger.

I think the Master Burger is their ‘star’ since it is the highlight of the posters and the menu board inside the store. The Master burger is made out of 100% beef patty, chili sauce, white onions, tomatoes, and cheese. This burger costs Php 150 with cheese (Php 125 without). According to EJ though, the burger wasn’t really that distinctive.

Sango Burger |

Sango! Master Burger |

I ordered the chicken cheese burger. The chicken patty was fried. It had a crispy outer layering with a juicy and packed inside. It was topped with cheese and topped with Japanese Mayo. It also had a layer of chopped lettuce strips. This costs around Php 135.

Sango! Chicken Burger |

Sango! Chicken Burger |

We loved the plate of Master Fries. The fries were little plump chops of potatoes with meat sauce toppings and cheese squares. It was served with tomato catsup and chopped white onions. It was served hot and yummy!

Sango! Master Fries |

Sango! Master Fries |

What I liked about the place is that customer service stood out. The waiters in the power plant branch were very accommodating and friendly. They were very attentive to the our needs and delivered our wishes fast. When you ask for extra catsup, it will take them just a second to deliver it to you.

I love the ambiance of the place as well. It was very apt and matched the Japanese burgers that they served. I love the Japanese music videos playing while EJ loved the comics (manga) that were on display.

Sango! Manga | ManilaReviews.comSango! Burger | ManilaReviews.comSango! Burger Self Service Machine | ManilaReviews.comSango! Burger Origami |

By the way, they don’t only serve burgers, they also serve salads, Japanese Rice Meals, hotdogs, shakes, cornflake shakes (haven’t tried that one!), and other Sango Drinks and desserts!

Contact Details:
Unified Sango HQ
Address: Manila Office: 54 E. Rodriguez Jr., Ave. Bagong Ilog, Pasig City
Phone no: 6716230 6716231 6710363

Powerplant Mall
Address: Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati City
Phone no: 5563182 5563185
Mobile no.: +639237041723 +639228852790

Makati Creekside Mall
Address: Rm. 5 GF, Creekside Mall, Amorsolo St., corner Herrera St., Legaspi Village, Makati City
Phone no: 8300391 8894445
Mobile no.: +639228852772 +639232805796

Alabang South Supermarket
Address: South Supermarket Alabang Zapote Road
Phone no: 7712201
Mobile no.: +639228852248

Shangri-La Plaza Mall
Address: 6 level Shangri-La Plaza Mall , Mandaluyong City
Phone no: 6820377
Mobile no.: +639228852325

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7 Responses

  1. Kataulurve

    i love SANGO in Shang :) Yummy burgers indeed. I love the sauce in their master burgers! Ive let go of my love for McDo for Sango ;)

    • ej

      @Kataulurve: yeah the meat sauce is great! have you voted for sango on our poll? :)

  2. sheila

    oh! we’ve seen their store in shangrila, but haven’t had a chance to try them out. we’ll do that soon. :)

  3. Nikki D.

    I love sango! :) I like the teriyaki burger with egg:) the origami also make for interesting decors. And oh, I always order through the touch screen machine– makes it more fun like that!:)

    • ej

      hey nikki! ooohhh… teriyaki burger with egg sounds… japanese! haha! gotta try that!


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