Can PhenQ really Suppress Appetite and Burn Fat?

Many People around there having the same question in mind “If Phenq can suppress appetite and burn fat”, well let me give you clear thought on it below!

Being overweight is when you take a high calories intake or poor foods and passed all the day lay down the couch with lack of physical activity, change style of living in society and family eating habits led to rise of obesity rate up to three folds.

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People’s who are consuming more energy with sedentary life styles  have the high risk to develop the accumulation of massive energy and the body turning it into more fat ,affecting virtually all the populations especially urban.

As the population becomes more urban, more likely the diets contained high complex carbohydrates, higher proportions of saturated fats and sugars.

30 percent of the population’s considered to be overweight and have a risk to develop chronic health illness and may be fatal depend upon the condition.

Too much clumps fats on your body feels uncomfortable, and it can also harm your health a number of serious health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and some types of cancer.

According the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), obesity rates are high in the United States in recent years about 30 percent of the population’s considered to be overweight.

Mostly  everyone have a dream to be slim and toned, but it is typical to lose weight easily.

If  your body mass index (BMI) is 25 or greater and obese if your BMI is 30 or higher so your are now in the list of overweight.


To lose weight you should limited your calorie intake by make a monthly meal plan, or do regular steady state exercises like walking, cycling and jogging is the more easy and effective way.

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Weight loss is not just about the diet pills . It takes work, more time, patience and commitment. 

The weight you are trying to lose probably not appear in a one day.


Exercise is helpful for weight loss and maintaining weight loss.  Exercise can increase metabolism, or how many calories you burn in a day.

It can also help you maintain and increase lean body mass, which also helps increase number of calories you burn each day.

To incorporate small changes in your daily routine can make a big difference in your waistline.

Exercise leads to a very modest decrease in total body weight about less than 3 percent but it can reduces dangerously unhealthy visceral fat.

For exercise to be effective as a weight loss goal, combo it with the right diet and meal plan.

2. Aerobic

Aerobic exercises get your heart rate up and blood pumping and burn 1300 calories per hour of intensive activity.

The Aerobic exercises may include walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, and dancing.

You can also work out on a fitness machine such as a treadmill, elliptical, or stair stepper.

These exercises also build the agility, quickness, improve endurance and increases bone density and even boost function of your brain.

3. Weight Training

Advantage of working out with lifting of weights is to shedding extra fat and to build muscles.

The  gym is the option for warm up, lift weights and stretch.

Lift weight 3 times per week are recommended for weight loss by burning calories.

4. Yoga

Yoga is not as effective as other types of exercise but it can help you lose weight.

How Much Exercise Is Needed for Weight Loss?

The health benefits of exercise, it is recommended that you to perform some form of aerobic exercise at least three times a week for a 20 minutes per session but more than 20 minutes is better if you want to actually lose weight.

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Spending 15 minutes of moderate exercise such as walking one mile will burn up to 100 extra calories per day.

Incorporating Exercise Into Your Daily Lifestyle :

Healthy lifestyle routine to consider include:

  • Running up the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Spend 15 minutes daily on workouts.

1. Exercise vs. Diet :

Combining exercise with a healthy diet is a more effective way to lose weight.

Exercise can prevent or even cure from effects of certain diseases, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, which may prevent a heart attack.

If you exercise, you lower your risk of developing certain types of cancers. It also contribute to a sense of confidence thus possibly by reducing rates of anxiety and depression.


Stress has a dangerous impact on your health, waist, and immunity.

The research found that intense laughter by itself can give you a cardio workout  because laughing burns calories approximately one hour of laughter burns up to 120 calories.

3. SLEEP :

Fluctuation in sleep can interferes with the hormones leptin and ghrelin that regulate appetite, meaning you will feel more hungrier and you may look for more “energy” from unhealthy snacks and has a greater impact on your body weight.

Try to sleep seven to eight hours a night that will reduce cravings.  

4. Apettite

Increase in appetite may contribute in weight gain. For weight loss it is much important factor to suppress the appetite.

Appetite is the desire for food to eat or having the feeling of wanting to eat everything and activates in response to food .

An increased appetite results from the emotional connection you have formed with food.

Appetite can be increased or decreased due to hormonal factors and stress in which the brain does not chase the feeling of “full stomach”.

Why Choosing PhenQ Diet Pills?

The several weight loss tablets have been introduced in the market or on the social media.

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They are claimed to be burning of fat and appetite suppressant but they all come with harmful side effect and may be dangerous.

There is always a tendency among people to try weight loss pills and lose as much weight in short period of time.

PhenQ is a supplement formulated and designed for weight loss with a high quality ingredients  including L-Carnitine ,Dehydroepiandrosterone  and Trimethylxanthine that helps you to getting in shape and slimmer.

PhenQ reduced food carvings  by suppress appetite and increase the fat burning by boost metabolism with improved energy.