Simple Methods to Deal with Stubborn Calories and Fats

Are you finding difficulty addressing your stubborn fats? Don’t you think your body needs a serious fat burning boost?

lose body fats

All of us are familiarized with hundreds of products that guarantee easy burning of fats; products that promise to fasten up this process and make it more efficient.

However, using any of these actually makes us think if there is something in the world that can help us with the purpose.

As per the fitness experts, the only way you can boost your fat or calorie burning potentials is to keep moving, perhaps the most conventional, yet, the most result-based approach you can try for weight loss.

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Interestingly, that’s what all we get to hear in the name of tips for the boost in metabolism, our body’s fat burning abilities, however, research does not seem to go with the idea!

According to it, there are many other methods that can greatly help us improve our calorie and fat burning potentials.

So, what are these methods, let’s have an idea:


fat loss workoutAs it is pretty much understood, exercise is the best we can do to improve the performance of our metabolism. But with regard to fat loss, quality of workout tends to matter more than the quantity.

That is, an intense 30 minutes of workout will give you more results than the hours of slow exercises.

The reason why exercise is proven to be the most useful, fat bursting source is that during the physical moves, our body needs energy.

And to cope with the intense demand of energy, the body is forced to convert fats that are either shuttle through the food or are stocked within.

Perhaps the most proven exercise for the increase in BMR is aerobic exercise.

Experts believe that it helps to activate metabolism round the clock.


workout trainingWe need our muscles to perform our workouts, which is of course, good for their growth.

But surprisingly, our muscle tissues can help us incinerate an abundance of calories, even while the body is at rest.

It is thereby important to build more muscle mass and for this; consider strength training.

Apart from muscle growth, strength training greatly helps with a sluggish metabolism.

It becomes even more important as you start to age and your metabolism turns weaker.

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green teaThen we have green tea as an effective approach to boost calorie burning.

Basically, the drink contains caffeine, one of the powerful stimulants favorable for the boost in calorie burning.

Apart from calorie burning, caffeine increases your perception of feeling active and energetic, which is of course, an advantage in the gym.

There are some weight loss researches that support black tea and green tea more than caffeine.

According to them, other contents in tea like polyphenol have the ability of quashing appetite and inducing thermogenesis; whereas caffeine itself does not possess the same amount of properties and hence, is comparatively ineffective.


frequent mealsWhile you nibble or have your supper, the gastrointestinal tract gets in motion. In simpler words, the process of digestion tends to start.

This process of digestion needs calories and thus, having smaller meals every now and then increases your calorie utilization.

Saying this would not be wrong that having lighter, yet frequent meals is a better approach than having heavy, three times meals.


dont skip breakfastThe best you can do to turn your metabolism slow is skipping meals, specially your breakfast.

Remember, research suggests that those who skip breakfast are at the verge of weight gain, for they crave more for high calorie foods.

The act is positively linked with weight gain and an increase in BMI.

On the contrary, people who prefer healthy breakfast (based on fiber and protein foods) are more likely to shed fast for two apparent reasons.

Number 1, a healthy breakfast gives us a feeling of fullness for long and number 2, it encourages our metabolism function in its fullest capacity.

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stay hydratedThe most simple and the most natural you can do to improve your calorie burning potential is taking enough water a day.

Imagine, what more is needed when the daily intake of 2 liter water can help you slash off 700 calories a week? 2 liter makes 8 cups, which is surely a no big deal for all.

Apart from calorie burning, water supports weight loss by satisfying your thirst, you might have confused with hunger.

And yes, more water means healthy kidneys and intestines, which ultimately means healthy shedding.

So, these are some simple, yet very effective techniques you can follow for guaranteed success.

Why using costly products when you can rev up your metabolism with safe, healthy and natural means?

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