PhenQ Review: benefits, side effects, price & how to buy it

The idea behind PhenQ is not only to transform your whole physique, but it is more like giving you the self-confidence and same old energy you used to have once!

Weight gain is a common denominator amongst the adults all over the world which everyone wants to get rid of.

About half of the population suffers from the weight gain issue actually go for the weight loss products, while the other half remains stagnant allowing for it cannot be changed.


The manufacturer of PhenQ claims to be the first pioneer in the weight loss market where people are looking for any type of weight loss supplement.

But this is not a primeval world we live in; scientific innovations have got so far that you got plenty of products now just for losing weight.

That’s right, now you can alter your body shape and size as per your will.

What Is PhenQ?

Manila reviews on PhenQ

In, the weight loss market, PhenQ is one of the oldest products that has proven to be most effective and safe in every way.

The claim is right though, It is a specially designed formula which mostly consists of natural ingredients specifically added to induce an effective weight loss without giving you any side effects.

The formulation is 100% safe which has also undergone many clinical trials. The claims actually are made from many clinical studies which are happening for decades that confirm its legitimacy.

It is the first of its kind which has introduced the A-Lacey’s Reset in the formula which is unlike something people have ever seen.

Why This Diet Pill (PhenQ) Was Designed?

Weight gain occurrences do not only affect the physical appearance and health, but it also puts pressure on your mental state and disturbs the peace of mind.

Some men and women who gained weight in the past few years, 30% of them are suffering from the depression for which they are now seeking help.

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If you do the regular workout thing it can surely help you, but mind you, there is a lack of consistency in everyone’s life except those who develop their system accordingly.

It was designed to empower your mind and body to work together and burn fat as much as they can.

Usually, weight loss supplement doesn’t provide you energy because all they do is eliminate the fatty contents of your cells.

But when PhenQ does it, the fat doesn’t only go out, but it is now being consumed as a hell of energy which aids you in so many things.

How Does PhenQ Pills Work?

The chiefly responsible entities for PhenQ mechanism are the active ingredients.

how diet pills works for weight loss

It provides a heap of weight loss constituents which are clinically tested in human and found out to be effective in losing fat.

The mechanism of action of this weight loss tablet is executed in 5 steps.

1) Appetite Suppression

Say bye-bye to the hunger cravings because PhenQ has mostly appetite suppressant that can help you get out of the overeating zone. Overeating is also known to cause health distress and other metabolic disorders which upon low consumption can be managed once again. This will also affect the fat storage that your body has been keeping lately.

2) Thermogenesis

Thermogenesis means that your body temperature will increase in terms of burn more fats and to stimulate weakened metabolism. The thermogenic process aims the fat inside your body and targets all the unwanted calories deposits that you want to move out. Thermogenesis has marked health benefits which include excessive sweating which is a sign that your body has done something intensely.

It also adds up massive amounts of energy in your metabolism, which allows you to be more active at any given task.

3) Stop Fat Production

One of the ingredients in PhenQ “Piperine” has a vast study going on about how it reduces fats and exhibits lipid-lowering effects. This fact was given in the Indian Journal of Pharmacology where Piperine was administered to the rats and they showed remarkable improvements in reducing fat and stop its biosynthesis naturally.

This process can cut down a huge chunk of FAT of the body like it was never really there.

4) Mood Stabilization

Sometimes, weight gain comes after certain mental disorder such as depression. Depression demands a person to eat as much as he/she can; neglecting it is affecting the body size dramatically. It elevates your mood and uplifts your spirits

So now if you are devoted to losing weight, the guarantee is that you won’t be having mental irritable behaviors in your way.

5) Energy Boost

The formula of PhenQ gives you a dose of energy that happens to put positive points on your weight loss goals. Energy drain is the main cause why male and females cannot execute the cutting workout for more than half an hour, to lose weight you have to make sure you perform extensive workout more than this.

This requires a hell of energy and double the efforts which you normally put to achieve weight loss goals.

Main PhenQ Ingredients

The natural formula inside PhenQ contains some really impressive medicinal herbs that are very well researched and studied. Click Here to See All Detailed Ingredients

Results of Phenq ingredients

Let’s go see their nature and how they work to burn fat in your body.

1) L-Carnitine Fumarate

L-Carnitine is a basic amino acid that supplies energy to each of your cells. The ingredient is also found in many food sources such as fish, nuts, and red meat.

One of the finest performance enhancing ingredients is because it aids the fat breakdown process by which you can obtain a plethora sum of energy.

Some think the amino acid can also act as an anti-oxidant to prevent the body from the oxidative stress, it is not so true.

2) Caffeine

An ideal diet pill will always make you feel alert and concentrated which is something caffeine would do. Caffeine is an energizer as well as mind alerting chemicals that are known to erase the brain fog and stimulate the chances for weight loss. In rats, caffeine tends to increase fat oxidation as they do a physical workout, hence decreasing the fat content to a remarkable extent.

3) a-Lacys Reset

This is the main ingredient of PhenQ which is a combination of two entities:

  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid
  • Cysteine

This compound can also be found in some green vegetables like Broccoli that helps the body detoxification process.

Meanwhile, the compound also increases the rate of carbohydrate breakdown and turns them into energy. In studies, alpha lipoic acid drastically decreases the level of triglycerides and diabetes type 2 occurrence.

Cysteine is a protein-based compound which keeps your muscle power intact and enhanced.

Together these compounds can accelerate the process of thermogenesis and boost metabolic process to further speed up the fat burning process.

4) Nopal

Nopal is a rich source of fiber, which helps a person to control his/her appetite. The fibrous nature forms a gel in your stomach, which makes you feel full even though you haven’t eaten much.

Nopal is also loaded with amino acids, the kind that supports energy enhancement in a normal person.

The study about Nopal in 2014 stated, Nopal promotes weight loss in a 3-month investigation. The fiber in the cactus such as nopal binds with the dietary fats and reduce their absorption, which in turn reduce the body weight.

5) Capsimax

Capsimax is the end result of caffeine, piperine, capsicum and Vitamin B3 combination. The pepper ingredient such as capsicum and piperine stimulates thermogenesis while niacin and caffeine increase the formation of energy.

Using these ingredients isolate can benefit you a little bit, but after combining them with each other, their mechanism is further amplified in weight management.

6) Chromium Picolinate

Chromium picolinate is the gift of nature that users can find in whole grains and several vegetables. The science behind the pharmacology of this ingredient is the suppression of hunger and cravings.

Plus, chromium helps to maintain the blood sugar level that supports the weight loss process.

6) Calcium Carbonate

Calcium carbonate is the finest trace mineral which has multiple health benefits:

  • It is good for your bones
  • Good for the heart
  • It is Good for the immune system
  • Good for testosterone production
  • It’s alsoGood for muscles
  • Good for the nervous system

By adding calcium carbonate in PhenQ’s formula, they have improved the overall weight loss effects as in proper control over cravings and greater fat burning effects.

In studies, if you add calcium carbonate in your diet every day, the fat will be eliminated from the fecal pathway quite more than usual.

7) Magnesium Stearate

Magnesium stearate is responsible for the outer coating of the pills, but in addition, it has numerous health benefits. The basic purpose of MG Stearate is to bind every ingredient together so they can work effectively.

Proper Dosage

It is a kind of dietary supplement that you take with the food.

How to take diet pills

The daily recommended dosage for PhenQ is two pills per day, you can take 1 in the morning with breakfast and the other one after lunch.

Due to the availability of caffeine in the formula, the user must not take it at the night time as it may cause sleep disturbances.

Is It Safe for Users?

Normally, diet pills cause slight unwanted reactions in the users, which they never predicted.

Not to mention these effects would go in only a few hours depending on your physical state.

On the other hand, It is considered 100% safe because it has shown no sign of side effects in the users.

The consumer review also supports this idea about it not being a product that harms the user’s body in many ways, such as by harming its vital organs mainly the heart.

But still, if we look at the ingredients, some of them are known to cause side effects if consumed in higher dosages. The list of the side effects is given below.

Any Side Effects?

When it comes to the prime ingredient which is Alpha Lipoic Acid, there are no reports of the side effects.

But if the following ingredients are by any chance taken in a higher dose for more than a year, then they are designed to cause several unwanted effects.

  • Capsicum is known to cause stomach upset and mood distraction.
  • Piperine poses no side effects.
  • Nopal on long term use causes diarrhea, headache and bloating.
  • Niacin causes allergic reaction, itching and other forms of headache.
  • Cysteine stimulates vomiting, fever, rashes and low blood pressure. When used for more than a year, it is bound to cause liver issues.
  • L-Carnitine causes seizures, headache, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • Calcium Carbonate in excess is known to cause kidney stones and excess wind.

This proprietary blend is deemed safe by the FDA because every ingredient is available in a precise manner under ideal strength.

PhenQ Results – Who Shouldn’t Take It?

It cannot be used by young boys o girls who are under 18, although it’s a dietary supplement, its use in children is strictly prohibited.

diet pills for men and women weight loss

Some users are allergic to components in PhenQ to which they require to visit their doctor first. After analysis, he/she can approve if you can use this weight loss supplement.

Other than that, women who are expecting or those who are lactating must not use this pill because it is not good for the fetus.

Also, individuals who is on cancer treatment must keep away their hands from supplements like this.

Individuals who are taking medications for stress, anxiety or depression cannot use this weight loss tablet.

Who It is For?

PhenQ is for men and women whose BMI is above 30. These men and women are above 18 with no severe form of health conditions.

Also, those individuals who want to get in shape and are not happy with their weight can safely use to drop their weight in a rapid manner.


  • Increase energy level
  • Supports weight loss
  • Reduce 10 pounds within a week
  • Reduce fatigue during workout
  • Improves mood
  • Prevent cravings
  • Targets abdominal fats

What’s More Good About This PhenQ Weight Loss Pill?

The manufacturer, Wolfson Berg Limited has a 15-year reputation in the weight loss industry where they supplied the best diet pills known to men and women.

PhenQ, according to them is the legal alternative of Phentermine which is the banned drug introduced in 1960.

Phenq before and after

The prices are affordable to every person who is struggling to lose weight and couldn’t get satisfactory results so far. Click Here to see All before and After Results

This is also a rapid-acting weight loss formula which reduced tons of pounds in thousands of men and women worldwide.

In the official web, you can avail the offer which says “Buy 2 get 1 for free”.

This can be the best way to save you some money in a world where diet pills cost too much and most of which are fake.

Additional Tips

It must be taken with a regular workout plan, like many weight loss supplements PhenQ has not the magic wand that reduces weight overnight.

Phenq official website

The user must adopt a perfect diet and exercise plan following which you can avail the fastest results of your life.

Normally, you are about to lose 10 pounds in just a week if you are sincere and committed with the fitness goals.

Final Summary – Unbiased PhenQ Review

This supplement is not a pharmaceutical grade drug; it is rather a natural formula that brings back some of the most notable herbs known to reduce weight.

Every ingredient is clinically tested which has won our trust right after we used the product.

The real before and after results can be seen at the official website which is also the place for its purchase.



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