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Weight loss pills like PhenQ which is made from the natural ingredients are a much safer and effective option for weight loss, according to

In the UK and Europe, men and women struggle hard to lose weight on their daily basis, but they also got to work for which they seek the shortcuts.

I am talking about the use of illicit drugs for weight loss which mainly involves the liver and renal toxicity.

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Buy Phenq Online in UK and Europe

PhenQ Benefits – In a Nutshell

PhenQ not only provides you the benefits regarding your weight, but it also works by improving your overall lifestyle.

Here are some benefits you will experience after 2 months with PhenQ use.

  • It speeds up the weight loss process
  • Redesign your whole body
  • Limit the excessive fat production in your body
  • Provides you quality sleep
  • Lets you eat lesser
  • Overcome the psychological disturbance due to obesity
  • Stimulate the brain parts where creativity and agility resides
  • Preserve the lean mass
  • PhenQ formula is approved by the FDA
  • Boost energy gains
  • Comes with Free Shipping and Money Back Guarantee

How to Buy Diet Pills in the UK and Europe?

Non prescription otc diet pills are the only natural treatment for weight loss as compared to the Adipex and Phentermine which are known to cause side effects upon use.

Phenq weight loss pills in UK
Phenq Diet Pills in UK and Europe

Not to mention the use of Phentermine and other weight loss drugs are
contradict to individuals who are having pre-existing health conditions.

But you got to lose weight in order to look good right?

Natural diet pills do the same function and fortunately, the scientific studies have made it much easier for us to see the mode of action each ingredient works on.

You can see thousands of diet pills being sold every day and the majority of them do not get the positive customer feedback. 

The proper guide to buying weight loss pills in UK and Europe will be provided in the next part of this article, but first, let us pour some light on a product that has been in the market for a long time and still astounding people with its remarkable weight loss effects.

The Benefits of Losing Weight

Losing weight means you are eradicating a large chunk of fat from your body, but that part also goes with some alarming conditions which may be dangerous for you in the future.

Here are the benefits you can experience after losing a significant amount of weight.

  • Physical and mental agility
  • Improved sexual functions
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Clear respiratory tract (Clear Breathing)

You will also reduce the risk of the following diseases which occurs to a person once in a lifetime.

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Hypertension
  • Arthritis
  • Kidney disease
  • GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease)
  • Cancer

With this, your confidence level will also be enhanced which allows you to talk to other people with over zeal confidence which affects your social status.

PhenQ – Best Weight Loss Pills in Uk and Europe

PhenQ is the most admirable name in the weight loss industry, which has about 95% of success rate which you see very rarely these days.

Phenq UK Video

The formula of PhenQ is designed by a group of dietitians and pharmacognosists who have extensive knowledge about the herbal-based weight loss effects and ingredients which can be used as a diet pill.

The supplement cuts down the fats from your body at a much faster rate and improves your mood swings which normally occur while you are on dieting.

Phenq is also known as Thermogenic agent which basically increases the heat generated in the body and enables it to metabolize the fats at a faster rate, as a result, more fats will be utilized as energy.

Knowing about dozens of weight loss pills, why do we only shortlisted PhenQ?

PhenQ ingredients are the main reason why we prefer this weight loss product over numerous ones.

What’s Inside PhenQ?

PhenQ contains the most sophisticated formula inside their diet pills which is the reason why this product never fails its users.

Phenq Ingredients
Ingredients in Phenq Pills

Here is the ingredients list of PhenQ each of which performs specific functions in the obese body.

  • α-Lacys Reset

The primary ingredient in PhenQ which speeds up the metabolism and increases thermogenesis. This allows you to do a workout without getting tired after which you will notice the calorie deficit you have achieved.

  • Nopal

Nopal is fiber-rich and it overcomes the severe form of food cravings. The ingredient increases the feeling of satiety by taking more space in your gut without getting absorbed. You can maintain your craving graph as long as you’d like while nopal is working its magic.

  • Capsimax Powder

Capsimax powder is a precursor of piperine, a vital ingredient that disrupts the fat store and let it excrete out. The thermogenic nature of Capsimax powder burns the fats in speed which allows you to be more physically capable.

  • Caffeine

Caffeine is good for weight loss as it enhances the mental focus and mental fitness. Caffeine is added in many weight loss formulations for its effects like increasing body energy which can be of big help while you haven’t eaten much.

  • Chromium

Chromium is a form of mineral which is considered the enemy of Sugar. It helps a person to prevent the cravings of sugary drinks and foods while maintaining the blood sugar level by breaking the glucose in your body and use it as an energy form.

  • L-Carnitine Fumarate

Found in many green vegetables, L-Carnitine converts the body fats into energy and is also very helpful in decreasing the fat accumulation in the abdominal region.

How to Purchase PhenQ in the UK?

Here we are going to cover large geographical regions where you can find PhenQ with ease.

If you are living in UK and wants to get your hands on PhenQ then you can use multiple options.

Buy Phenq online
Buy Phenq online in UK and Europe

In UK, where 55% of men’s population is becoming obese till 2020, use of weight loss pills is getting more and more every day.

After spending too much of time in two of the most well-known UK stores, we have decided to disclose the availability of PhenQ in the following retailers.

Can You Purchase PhenQ from Holland and Barrett UK?

Phenq holland and barrett UK
Holland and Barrett

Holland and Barrett are one of the estimable chains of health food shops with over 1,300 stores worldwide.

Their main location is in the UK from where we decided to purchase PhenQ.

You see, if you type PhenQ at their online store there will be several of the options available such as Grenade carb killer, Holland and Barrett own designed weight loss pills with Glucomannan and other stuff.

But the availability of PhenQ is highly unlikely; of course, you can find different products with 1 or 2 ingredients of PhenQ.

Final Verdict: Holland and Barrett may be the biggest UK superstores, but one thing is for sure, THEY DO NOT HAVE PHENQ.

Availability of PhenQ in Boots UK

Phenq Boots UK
Boots Store UK

Boots UK is a British company which has a large variety of stores, including health, beauty and pharmaceutical medicines.

Boots UK is very well-known to contain the prescription based medicine, but we still checked the availability of PhenQ from Boots UK recently.

In both physical and virtual stores of Boots, neither you can find PhenQ nor any natural weight loss pills since they strictly deal with the pharmaceutical grade medicines.

Final Verdict: PhenQ is NOT available in Boots UK, in or outside the country.

PhenQ in Europe – Availability of PhenQ in European Countries

There are over 50 countries in Europe, but we are going to touch the 3 countries whose population are demanding natural weight loss treatments like PhenQ.

Buy Phenq in France
Phenq France

In our list, we have added France, Germany, and Ireland to see the availability of PhenQ in the aforementioned countries.

PhenQ France

After a brief survey from French pharmacy or super stores like Walmart, Amazon and eBay we have concluded that PhenQ is not available in French territories unless you prefer the other source which we are going to tell you in the later part of this article.

Similar, typing PhenQ Germany or PhenQ Ireland won’t help you much if you are looking to buy PhenQ from the following retailers.

  • Walmart Germany: NO
  • Amazon Germany: NO
  • eBay Germany: NO

In Ireland, PhenQ is not available at Holland and Barrett superstore neither at Walmart, GNC or Amazon, which leads us to the question, Where to buy PhenQ in Europe?

Moment of the Truth – How to Buy PhenQ in UK and Europe?

Whether you are living in UK, Europe or any region of the world the simplest method would help you buy PhenQ not just single but multiple times.

The real and most clean way to buy PhenQ in Europe and UK is by visiting the official website of PhenQ.

Phenq before and after results
See Phenq Results

PhenQ is supplied and manufactured by WOLFSON BERG LIMITED, a committed name that takes pride in leading the supplement industry for over a decade.

The company has maintained its reputation by not leaking its product to any store except its own online website.

So if you want to buy a single bottle of PhenQ or in bulk, no matter what your country preference is, the online webpage delivers to any region of the world within a couple of days.

Q1: Do They Ship to UK and Europe?

Yes, PhenQ official page has been open for men and women who are from different countries like France, Ireland and Norway with their testimonials about the product.

Visiting the official site of PhenQ would open many gates for your question which also allows you to get one for yourself.

Q2: What’s Special about Buying PhenQ from Official Link?

The discounts, the clinical guidance and most importantly designing your diet and workout plan with this weight loss pills are one of the toughest steps where you surely need a proper guide. 

You can buy PhenQ in bulk, which is available at a largely discounted price and you don’t have to run to the Walmart or Amazon anymore.

We have reviewed about dozens of weight loss pills in the UK and Europe and so far, PhenQ is the only diet pill that has offered more benefits to its users than any weight loss supplement available.


Weight loss supplements are no joke and they shouldn’t be taken as a joke because some weight loss pills are so strong that they cause side effects after you alter a slight dosage.

Order Phenq online
Phenq Guarantee

As far as the availability of PhenQ concern, it is not a difficult thing anymore.

You can order PhenQ from the official page if you live in UK, France, Ireland or Germany.

Even other countries than these can also get PhenQ, all you have to do is click on the official link provided below and help yourself choosing the best package.