The Dash Diet Eating Plan

Essentially, our health is determined by the food we eat, the more healthy we eat, the more healthy we are and vice versa.

Foods that are high in cholesterol and saturated fats are of course, highly dangerous for our health. These can make us prone to a number of health conditions including high blood pressure and heart diseases.

But fortunately, there is a simple way out for the problem. Yes, you can simply minimize these risks by choosing wholesome eating for you.

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High blood pressure or hypertension is a chronic condition, a medical concern that demands lifelong care.

dash diet foodsApart from care, high blood pressure is tied to several life-threatening problems like heart failure and stroke, and thus, prevention and control on blood pressure is highly essential in the first place.

A diet by the name Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension is one effective way to control blood pressure.

Based on wholesome eating, DASH diet is a comprehensive eating plan for those who prefer health with fitness! PhenQ is the best weight loss solution in market.

Basically, DASH diet is no ordinary diet plan that will help you bring down your weight, it is a systematic way of eating selected foods that will equally help you in regulating your blood pressure and molding your body.

Invented by the researches of NHLBI, DASH diet has been helping millions with blood pressure, without the need of medications.

According to the science behind DASH diet, a diet deprived from fiber, protein, potassium, calcium and magnesium increases your blood pressure.

Likewise, those who consume foods that are high in cholesterol and fats have double the chances of experiencing hypertension.

This clearly indicates that are body needs contents like fiber, protein and calcium the most. These nutrients and minerals can stabilize our blood pressure and hence, significant for our health.

Apart from having a positive impact on our blood pressure, these play an active role in the shedding of weight as well.

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For example, protein promotes fat burning, fiber decreases appetite and calcium prevents further gaining of weight.


dash diet plan

DASH diet, as stated earlier, is chiefly designed to regulate your blood pressure. And therefore it promotes a diet high in fruits, vegetables, cereals and importantly, low-fat dairy items.

According to research, the nutrient it supports can control our blood pressure, whereas low fat and low calorie diet can bring it down to the normal levels.

Even though, the plan would make you consume foods that have abundance of fiber, yet, you are least likely to experience any digestive problem due to it.

As stated earlier, DASH diet is a very well-planned program, and thus, to prevent any system abnormality, it suggests a gradual increase in the intake of fiber.

Dash dietBecause of this, your tolerance to more and more fiber increases.

Interestingly, the best you can take as the ideal source of fiber are Grains.

Grains are the most nutritious foods that also supply you with minerals and B-complex vitamins your body needs the most.

Fortunately, there is a variety of grains to choose the foods that satisfy your taste buds.

For example whole grains, low sugar cereals and wheat germ are few items that fall into the category of healthy grains.

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Gradual incorporation of these foods into your diet chart would safely upsurge your fiber intake.

Followers are strictly advised check what they are taking through processed foods. They need to adhere to foods that have minimum amount of cholesterol, sodium and fat.

Since, fast foods, chocolates and meats have abundance of these ‘prohibited’ nutrients, therefore, their intake has to be kept low.

Snacking is allowed, but, the choices for snacking are healthy like dry fruits, low-calorie yogurt, graham crackers and so.


Dash Diet for weight loss

  1. In order to prevent food temptations for a longer period of time, it encourages heavy-cum healthy breakfast. However, followers are advised to take whole-grain cereals and other nutritious foods with a strict no to sweetened or packaged foods.
  2. Slash off fat consumption by 50%. It’s even better to go for non-fat or low-fat alternates.
  3. Take more and more vegetables and fruits.
  4. Satisfy your food urge with veggies or fruits.
  5. Gradually, cut off sodium and limit your red meat intake.
  6. Avoid making substantial changes at once; go slow as this can cause dietary crashes.

dash diet planInterestingly, DASH diet principally works to regulate blood pressure, however, with minor changes in your diet, it can best support weight loss.

Those who have tested the program have reported to feel healthier and energetic.

That’s one simple reason why this scientifically proven program is commonly practiced by health buffs!

The best about DASH diet is that it is simple to follow and requires least efforts from your end.

No extraordinary preparation of meals or the hectic of counting calories all the time! Just take healthy, avoid unhealthy and there you go!

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