List of 10 Super Foods High in Vitamin D

vitamin d foods

To absorb calcium, we need vitamin D. However, vitamin D is not just needed by our body for this very purpose; our body also needs this imperative vitamin for the smooth functioning of immune system, development of bone and so.

Consuming the right amount of vitamin D is highly essential, as lower consumption, as well as overconsumption, both can result in complications.

Body deficient in this vital vitamin is at higher risk of:

1. Cancer.
2. Poor immune system.
3. Dementia.
4. Osteomalacia.

On the other hand, higher amount of vitamin D can result in absorbing more and more of calcium. A condition like this can raise your chances of developing:

  • Kidney stones.
  • Heart disease.

Considering this, one must need to keep a balance while consuming vitamin D for its benefits. But luckily, overconsumption of vitamin D occurs in rare cases where people overdosed themselves with vitamin D supplements.

Of course, this should be strictly avoided.

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This fat-soluble vitamin can be best obtained from, sunlight. But unfortunately, our busy lifestyles mostly keep us bounded with responsibilities and we rarely get a chance to go out-of-doors and enjoy this natural resource.

But luckily, we our blessed with countless of foods that are naturally fortified with vitamin D.  But before we mention and discuss the ten super foods that can give you vitamin D, apart from sunlight, let’s discuss the suggested intake of this crucial vitamin a day.

According to the experts, the recommended daily intake of vitamin D is 200-400 IU. Now, lets move on to discuss those 10 super foods that can fuel you with vitamin D:


  • Mushrooms

You can acquire good amount of vitamin D through mushrooms. Interestingly, you may not find any other plant, except mushrooms, containing higher or even trace amount of this imperative vitamin.

As you know, mushrooms have variety and each of its variety varies the amount of vitamin D possesses, however, you can consider Shiitake, Portobello, Chanterelle and Maitake, if you want to get started with a rich source.

Not just this, the amount of vitamin D you will be supplying your body through mushrooms also depends upon how you make them. One must keep in mind that mushrooms are the plants that need special care to me made!

  • 2. KALE:

Despite being a very nutritional vegetable, you will find scarce amount of vitamin D in kale. Yet, none can deny its nutritional value and significance.

The vegetable should be preferred if you need to keep a check on all the essential nutrients your body need on the day to day basis.

  • 3. SPINACH:

Spinach too, has little amount of vitamin D, regardless of how much and how this vegetable is consumed. However, one can simply raise the content of vitamin D by taking it along with a dairy source.

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  • 4. SALMON:

  • Salmon

Then there is salmon. No doubt, it is one of the richest sources of vitamin D you can get through natural foods. However, it is important to add that wild salmon has more nutritional value than the farmed one.

How rich is salmon in vitamin D can be assumed by the fact that half a fillet of this ray-finned fish can fill you above the daily, suggested intake of vitamin D.

  • 5. MILK:

Well, we need milk for all good reasons, and so for the intake of vitamin D. But besides milk, other dairy items can also supply your body with vitamin D, such as fortified yogurt.

  • 6. EGGS:

Then there are eggs. Take two big eggs and you are done with 20% of your suggested, every day allowance! That’s true.

  • 7. PORK:

 Well, this may sound yummy to many that pork, particularly the ribs of pork can supply good amount of vitamin D to your body. But wait, where there is a good side of it, there is a bad one too.

This ‘super food’ is high in fat content too!

So, people with excessive weight, need to skip to number eight after six!

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  • 8. CEREALS:

This super-food too, can supply you with a good amount of vitamin D, like milk. However, if you wish to get yourself a good pack of serial, go for the category intended for children.

Just in case, do not forget to read the label if it has the desired amount of D content.


  • 9. TOFU:

Tofu, may not be a ‘super-rich’ source of vitamin D, however, consuming a good amount of tofu can help you with the purpose.


One cannot forget to add ricotta cheese, when it comes to the best sources of vitamin D. Surprisingly, it has 500% more of the D content than what is present in other cheeses!

So, these were the top 10 foods that can supply you with this very beneficial and very essential vitamin, Vitamin D!

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