Enter the Super-fit World via 7 exercise styles

If you were given a choice between losing 10 pounds or having the world’s best dessert tray, what would you choose?

how to get fit

Regardless of the fact of either choice made, we are never satisfied with our weight or the appearance.

The question is why and what exactly can we do to enter the super fit world?

Well, the answer is not simple. While an ideal weight according to the BMI will appear perfect, it does require a lot of changes in lifestyle, exercise routine, diet and what not.

Hence, if you feel you need to lose a few pounds or simply tone up, check out the easiest styles of exercises given below and choose your favorite.

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Are you a dance freak? If yes, this exercise is your go to! Zumba is a Latin, aerobic dance routine which was initiated by a fitness instructor in Columbia and has been loved ever since.

Zumba for weight lossZumba is a great way of toning the overall body while losing up to 400 calories in a single hour!

Isn’t that marvelous? 

For zumba, all you need is a wall mirror where you can see yourself (optional), zumba music and a zumba video (for instructions).

Zumba is a fun way of exercising as it includes upbeat music and songs, amazing dance steps and the best part is that you don’t even feel the time is passing by!


Well, yoga needs no introduction. Yoga is the ultimate stress relieving therapy where you can relax mentally and physically while toning your overall body muscles.

Yoga for weight lossWhile yoga requires flexibility and patience, it no doubt is the remedy for many diseases as well. Not a lot of people know that yoga can also help you lose weight!

For Yoga, all you need is an exercise mat, a tranquil environment, flexibility and a yoga video, maybe form YouTube.

If you have all of these items, you are good to go!

It is said that once you are addicted to yoga, you can never leave it!

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Simple Aerobics

If you are a person who is not so young anymore, perhaps the basic aerobic exercises are perfect for you.

Aerobics for weight lossAerobics is any sort of exercise or rather activity which helps pace up your heart beat, makes you sweat and pumps your blood faster.

For older people, the best kind of aerobic exercises are walking, brisk walking, stretching legs and arms or walking on a treadmill.

The idea is to keep your body healthy without damaging it in any way.

Ultimate Strength Training

Strength training is the best way to lose fat, gain lean muscle and stay fit. While it requires a lot of consistency and dedication, it is highly paying in terms of results as well.

ultimate exercise for weight lossStrength training involves picking up heavy weight in order to train the muscles.

Strength training is usually opted by men but in today’s time, women are choosing strength training exercises to stay fit as well.

If you feel you are not comfortable in picking up heavy weights or you cannot continue doing so regularly, you can simply use your own body weight as a resistance.

Some examples are planks, crunches, side planks, pull ups, pushups, etc.

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Kick Boxing

If you want adventure, thrill and weight loss all packed in one, kick boxing is the answer.

kickboxing for weight lossKick boxing is a sport filled exercise routine which can help you lose up to 700 calories in one session!

It works with your overall body, helping tone it from the core.

While the best way to go about this one is to join kick boxing classes, however, you can also kick box at home with the help of videos and tutorials.

Kick boxing includes exercises like jabs, cross punches, kicks of all kinds and much more.


Joseph Pilates was the founder of Pilates, an ultimate core strengthening workout which helps teach balancing skills in the form of strength, weight loss, muscle mass and body muscle shape.

pilates for weight lossPilates requires patience, flexibility and consistency.

Whereas it will help you tone up all over, it will also help build stamina and resistance.

Pilates can be done at home as well as at public Pilates classes.

If you haven’t tried this one yet, give it a shot and notice the difference.


Spinning is another amazing exercise style which can help you lose up to 500 calories. It is referred to as indoor cycling on stationary bicycles.

Spinning for weight lossThis form of exercise can help your health in terms of cardiovascular system, help build stamina and endurance.

Spinning can only be done at a gym unless you own an indoor bike.

With these 7 amazing exercise styles explained and PhenQ diet pills added in your routine, you can reach your ideal weight and figure within weeks!

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