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For Dummies Books: Gift Suggestion for the Web Geek (Manila Reviews Giveaway)

I love the For Dummies Book Series, since it's very simple to understand and it takes you through everything step by step. When I was thinking of the perfect gift for a web geek, I thought of this. I'm sure those who would like to start or create their own blog sites and websites would love to have a manual of some sort so that they could figure out how to go about doing stuff.
Top Shot: Basic Photography Workshops

Basic Photography Classes from Red Sheep Photography

I have always admired photographers. If I had the chance, I would really want to learn the use of each function of my camera. I feel, at times, I don't get to maximize it. I wonder how others can come up with great photos, even when using the same camera as mine. Do you feel the same way? If you do, I'd like to share this workshop with you. It's called the Top Shot Basic Photography Workshop from Manila Workshops.