I first came across the term Masterminds when I heard it from my wife. She mentioned that she and her business partner. Martine, were going to conduct mastermind sessions to help women start their own businesses. This was late last year when I heard it from them. This year, they already have executed the idea and on April 26, 2014 at 11:00 AM, the third Mastermind Session will be conducted by my wife, Ginger.

The topic for the Mastermind Session is How to Create a Business Plan. I’m sure a lot of people will benefit from this. I would eagerly sit in and listen to Ginger, if I were not the assigned Workshop Director for the day under Manila Workshops. This session is perfect for those women and men (yes, men like me) who would want to know where to start if we were tasked to write a business plan for a potential business (or maybe even an existing businesss).

How to Create a Business Plan

How to Create a Business Plan

For those who are interested to join, the fee is only at Php 600 per participant and this will be held at Mothercare Active Fun in BGC. Again, this is not a workshop. By definition (from Michelle Patrick’s website):

Mastermind groups are small groups of business owners or decision makers who gather at a specified increment and time to mentor and be mentored to. Mastermind sessions are not classes in the typical definition; but assist business owners in growth, development and accountability. Mastermind sessions are not networking sessions and are kept to a planned outline to produce the most productive positive environment for all members of the group.

What can you expect from my Mastermind group sessions?

The ability to speak openly and confidentially in a positive and supportive environment with like-minded business owners of various backgrounds and skill sets. To discuss, request and offer supportive suggestions and knowledge between business owners with regard to business problems, solutions, growth, marketing and development. To be held accountable for goals you have set for your business by the session group thus forming a large supportive group of accountability partners and mentors focused on each others success and growth.

So we hope that this is clear. We want everyone to participate in the session. We want your ideas to be heard and we want each one to contribute to the discussion.

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