This morning, I just had a conversation with a gradeschool / high school classmate that I just met after a long, long, long time, and personally, it was a really good conversation. I had been in a rut lately and have been feeling lost. I have been successful with all of my business ventures, but sometimes, I miss working. It must be my type A personality that I constantly want to feel ‘challenged’. But, with the conversation that I had this morning, I again was assured that I was on the right track — the track with the big sign that says business is the way to go.

I believe that business is still the way to go if you want to live on passive income when you reach a certain age. We all don’t want to end up still working and stressing out when we reach 65 years old.

As early as now, my husband and I made a pact that I will be in charge of looking for the perfect business for us, while he brings in the cash as an employee, to pay for all our bills. This is a good deal. So what I’m doing now is exploring and trying to see where we can make it ‘big’.

In the WAHM (Work-at-home-moms) Community that I am a part of, there are women who are going through the same challenges that I am facing. I am really glad that we have that support group since we all can share and motivate each other in striving to achieve our goals. This community will be celebrating our first anniversary this coming October 27, Sunday, at SMX Taguig Convention Center (SM Aura) and we want you to join us. Come and join the fun and meet this really bonded group of moms and dads (even)!

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Sign up now for the WAHMderful Weekend and meet like-minded individuals. Connections and continuous learning are key to starting your own businesses or even in being a WAHM/WAHD!

See you there!

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