Work from home is still enjoying a huge surge in popularity. Many people are choosing to forgo the daily commute entirely and spend every workday in their home office, or negotiating with their current employer to work part of the week from their home.

The vast majority of home based jobs need a home office of some sort. Ideally, an office desk should be placed away from distractions. Make sure you have all the equipment you need including a sturdy computer desk and a comfortable ergonomic chair, along with all the peripherals such as a working stapler, hole-punch and pens.

Searching through recruitment sites is a good way to discover the variety of home based jobs available. Bear in mind that each of these jobs will get hundreds of applications and unless you are very lucky, you are unlikely to even hear back from the company. If you are prepared to start small, freelance is the way to go. Choose your work according to your existing skills and abilities. The medical industry is often looking for audio transcribers, so if you have worked in the medical industry previously this may be suitable for you. If you speak foreign languages, have a look at translating jobs or with an English degree could look at copywriting.

You may already be working in an industry where you could just as easily work from home. Here is a compiled comprehensive list of ten popular jobs which can be flexible in their location:

Administrative Assistant
Advertising Sales Agent
Computer Software Engineer
Corporate Event Planner
Copy Editor
Desktop Publisher
Data Entry Clerk
Insurance Underwriter
Market Research Analyst

If you are currently working in any of these areas, you are in an ideal position to be able work from home. Show your current employer that you are prepared to be equally, if not more productive in your home office. Show your office desk setup. While many employers are still reluctant to allow working from home, those who take the chance discover happier and more productive employees with lower office overheads for themselves. Employers win and employees too. So put your proposal to your employer and look forward to spending some of your workdays at the comfort of your own home.

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