I love using headphones when I work. When I write my articles and blog posts, I love listening to music. It relaxes me. Recently, I got hold of my new headphones and i’m excited to try it. These are Blaupaunkt headphones!

My Blaupunkt Easy 111 Headphones

I’m excited to try out these Blaupunkt headphones, since I know it is a very good brand. I remember that when I was little, I used to hear of this brand as one of the best brands for car radios. Blaupunkt was and IS definitely a symbol of Quality for Tradition and Innovation.

Blaupunkt: A Symbol of Quality Becomes a Brand

I heard this German brand is back in the market. I never knew it left, actually (that’s how strong a brand it is). Now with it’s comeback, it has a wide selection of modern car radios, stylish headphones and products designed for contemporary home entertainment.

The History of Blaupunkt

Blaupunkt’s Philippine Relaunch: Photos by Johann Tiu

The company originated with “Ideal”, a Berlin-based radio-telephone and appliance factory that was founded in 1923. During that time, the factory produced headphones and marked it with a “blue dot” as a sign that they had been quality-tested. The “blue dot” became popular thus these headphones were called Blaupunkt (Blaupunkt means blue dot). In 1938, the original symbol of quality became the Blaupunkt brand name.

The quality symbol had turned into a trademark and in 1938, it eventually became the company’s name. Until December 2008, the company had formed part of the Bosch-Group for more than sixty years. Since then, it has been part of the AURELIUS Group. After World War II, the company moved headquarters from Berlin to Hildesheim. A hundred years of automotive history have been accompanied by plenty of technical progress.


Blaupunkt’s Philippine Relaunch: Demo sets (Photos by Johann Tiu )

In 2010, Blaupunkt underwent a process of major restructuring. The Blaupunkt product range will include antennas and accessories and other product groups made by international brand partners (in addition to the classics in the fields of car entertainment), under the name of the Blaupunkt Global Brand Community. The brand will continue to stand for outstanding quality and value for money, even with all these changes.

Blaupunkt was and still is a leading brand for car radios in many parts of the world particularly in Europe. Blaupunkt represents quality and innovative power. The blue point represents products with excellent quality and technical competence particularly with regard to in-car radio reception and a first class sound. Blaupunkt is now back, even greater than before.

Blaupunkt’s Philippine Relaunch: Products for your car (Photos by Johann Tiu)

My Review of the Blaupunkt Easy 111 Headphones

The minute I first saw the Blaupunkt Easy 111 Headphones, I was attracted to the color. I know — I’m such a girl. The color is the first thing that I notice.  The headphones that I got were in-ear headphones. This design was great, since I get frustrated with those earphones with awful designs that keep on falling. I need my headphones to be designed well since I move a lot and I do a lot of things at the same time. I don’t want to have to adjust it often.

I tested it and used it to connect to my laptop, while watching videos and while breastfeeding. The Easy 111 was perfect since it helped me keep myself preoccupied with watching movies (nursing moms would know that breastfeeding take up a lot of your time). The sound that you here was very clear!

For those looking for the specs of the Blaupunkt’s Easy 111, here it is:
Connector: 3.5 mm mini jack
Accessories: cable 1.1 m, 3 different sizes of soft ear adapters
Frequency Range: 20…20000 Hz, 91 dB
Distinction/s: In-Ear headphones, 16 ohms

Check out Blaupunkt Philippines Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Blaupunkt.Ph?fref=ts

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