I’ve been meaning to expand my business. I have been noticing that all of these businesses that succeed nowadays are those who have people who know how to leverage on social media. When I was still working, I had a lot of ideas on how to leverage on social media to sell our products and services. I even had certain ideas on how to restructure our marketing department into something that would incorporate a social media team into it. If ever they’d like to hire me again to do this, I will gladly accept! *ahem*

But I know I still have a lot to learn about Social Media and even blogging (yes, blogging!). With the ever fast changing world of the internet, I think there is not a person in this world who can claim that they know everything there is to know about social media. I, personally, want to continuously learn about Social Media. I love creating marketing strategies and I think this is my forte, but I still want to learn more and learn from the experiences of others.

This belief led to us creating this workshop. This workshop is really for people like me who want to learn more so that we can apply it in marketing our brand and services. This workshop is called What is Social Media? (and what you’re doing wrong!). This is brought to you by Manila Workshops and Honeycomb Communities.

What is Social Media? Workshop

I highly recommend this for my friends and relatives who have their own businesses. I also recommend it for those who have online businesses or for those who are under the marketing department, research and development, etc.

The details of the workshop are in the poster above. For those who want to attend, here is the registration form.

I suggest that you sign up right away as there are only 25 seats available for this workshop. Avail of the early bird rate of Php 4,500 per person (until April 30, 2013). Manila Workshops also has sponsorship packages available for corporations and brands. Please inquire using this email address: manilaworkshops(@)gmail(dot)com.

I really hope to see you there! :)

Love lots,

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Ginger is the General Manager of ManilaWorkshops.com. She is also the co-founder of a tech start-up company called Turn Up Trumps, Inc. She is a business coach and has her own program called Love the Leap. She has been a blogger since 2005, writing for MommyGinger.com, ManilaFitness.com and ManilaReviews.com. She graduated MA in Communications Major in Integrated Marketing Communications from the University of Asia and the Pacific. She worked as an account executive for a couple of ad agencies. She also managed a food franchise store. Her longest corporate stint was as a product manager for a known bank in the Philippines.

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