I am making an oath as a blogger. This is what I will call my Blogger’s Plan for 2013. I will up my content and creativity a notch (or even a hundred notches) higher this 2013. I will do this by learning more (since my one word for 2013 is LEARN) about things that will make me a better blogger.

Bloggers Plan for 2013: Creativity and Content

After four active years of blogging, sometimes you just get to stare out the window and wish that things would improve. Don’t get me wrong. We have received a zillion blessings because of our blogs (from friends that we would keep for a lifetime to freebies for the family to additional income). And we are deeply grateful for all these blessings. But what improvements do I want to see?

I know that I haven’t been 100% yet when it comes to blogging, and I am ashamed to admit it. Yes, I have been a regular writer for both of my blogs, ManilaReviews.com and ManilaFitness.com, and now for MommyGinger.com, but I now realize that consistency in terms of coming up with posts is not the only key to being a successful and contented blogger. I realize that I want so much more than just number of visits in my site. I realize that I want more interaction and discussions with my readers.

But, just like any blogger, these wishes are hard to come by these days. How do you get your audience to interact with you? How do you get them to leave comments? You would see that even in facebook groups that you form, there hardly isn’t interaction. Case study: I tried leaving a message in one of the groups that I created asking people about their plans and goals for this year. It was a highly reasonable and interactive topic, but out of the 2,365 members, only one shared a link to their plans. And to think, I was genuinely interested in learning about their plans for the year. Do you see know how hard it is to get people to interact with you via social media?

So what do we do about it? I think, we have to start with ourselves “as bloggers”. We have to go back to the basics of “why” we blog? I remember that I started blogging since I loved eating and I wanted to share my thoughts on different restaurants with people. I also remember that during that time, I wanted to discover and try new things, products and find new places. And, I wanted to share all of these experiences. Content was amazing! I had new things to share always and new stories to tell. It was like writing a book or my life.

But during the last years, with all the press releases given, sometimes (yes, I’m guilty of this), you get pushed off your track and you just post the content that you never really thought about. Just so you get to have an entry and just to get it over with. This year, I promise never to do this again. I will truly think of each content and see if it has relevance in my life. And if I see a press release featuring a product that I like to write about, I will read through it and customize it so as to show its relevance in my life.With this, I hope PR agencies, brands and companies would be kind and respectful enough to customize emails also to us.

Another factor that I will take to heart in improving on is creativity. Photography, video blogging and creative writing are the three things that I want to learn more about and I want to improve on this year. With Photography, there is this workshop that my friend Martine and I just announced. It is actually for bloggers who want to learn how to take more creative pictures using a point and shoot camera, a DSLR or even a mobile phone.

I also want to learn more about video blogging (I’m looking for a speaker who would want to join ManilaWorkshops.com teach and inspire other bloggers) and of course, creative writing. I noticed that as a blogger, I haven’t spent that much in improving myself, yet I expect my income from blogging to increase, which is pretty unfair (for everyone). I know, as an entrepreneur, that if you want to earn more, you have to shell out more capital. The same is true with blogging. I admire those bloggers who really take time out to learn.

This 2013, I am inspired to blog! I may not have consistent content, but I will make it a point to share creative content that you will love. I also promise to read more of the other local blogs and comment on their posts. I will consistently look for great content and be influenced to come up with content that is at par. Let’s build blogs that people will follow and interact with.

Do you have a Blogger’s Plan for 2013? I hope you can share it with me. I hope I receive replies this time around.


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Ginger is the General Manager of ManilaWorkshops.com. She is also the co-founder of a tech start-up company called Turn Up Trumps, Inc. She is a business coach and has her own program called Love the Leap. She has been a blogger since 2005, writing for MommyGinger.com, ManilaFitness.com and ManilaReviews.com. She graduated MA in Communications Major in Integrated Marketing Communications from the University of Asia and the Pacific. She worked as an account executive for a couple of ad agencies. She also managed a food franchise store. Her longest corporate stint was as a product manager for a known bank in the Philippines.

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  1. Jason dela Rosa

    Great Ginger. :) Commitment to doing what you love is the key.
    Hope to hear more from you in the coming months. I also need commitment when it comes to blogging :) Good luck and God bless!

    • Ginger Arboleda

      Hi Mariel! I loved our conversation last night! :) I learned a lot about teaching kids. I hope to use your tips in the future. BTW, if you need help going through ideas about your business, just let me know. I think that would be my forte naman :) ~ Love lots, Ginger


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