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Waking up in the morning makes me smile. I love the smell of bacon. I love when my plate is beautifully organized in the morning with two crispy strips of bacon, a sunny side up egg and a half cup of rice. My husband’s the same. He loves bacon. I think anything you prepare with bacon automatically becomes delicious.

For the bacon lover (which is I assume is almost all of the world’s population), we came across these great gifts from Cupcake Conspiracy. They have a new line called their ‘Bacon Line’.

The Bacon Line products from Cupcake Conspiracy

They have three products under the bacon line: the Bacon Jam, Bacon Parmesan Cream Cheese and Bacon Butter.

Bacon Parmesan Cream Cheese

Bacon Jam

Bacon Butter

I tried all of them and my favorites are the Bacon Parmesan Cream Cheese and the Bacon Jam. The Bacon Parmesan Cream Cheese was basically cream cheese with bit of bacon and spinach. It reminded me of a spinach artichoke dip. It was of the right consistency; it was easy to spread on top of my wheat bread and Fita crackers.

The Bacon Jam was a delightful surprise. It wasn’t sweet. It had that smoky taste to it. There were more bacon bits in the bacon jam than in the bacon parmesan cream cheese.

The third one was the bacon butter. It had the consistency of the butter in Pancake house. It was alright for me, but the two others were more memorable.

I am thinking of ordering more bottles to be given as gifts. If you want to order, here are the prices:
Bacon Jam – P280
Bacon Parmesan Cream Cheese – P250
Bacon Butter – P120

Isn’t this a perfect gift for Christmas? Do you have any more suggestions?


P.S. For more product from Cupcake Conspiracy, please visit or Cupcake Conspiracy Facebook Page.

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