I can’t believe that it’s already mid-way through October. I have been on bed rest due to my pregnancy and I admit that I haven’t been posting much last month. But, here I am again and I’m very eager to share with you the different restaurants that we have tried for the past month.

I don’t normally go to Chinese restaurants to go on dates. I find myself associating Chinese restaurants with family occasions. It’s probably because my grandmother (“mama”), when she was still alive, used to loved bringing the entire family to Chinese restaurants for lunch. And maybe, since these restaurants would have bigger servings, I did not see how two people can actually finish dishes.

Xin Tian Di was an exception to my rule. They had this cool concept of having a buffet for dumplings! They called it Dimsum Unlimited.

Dimsum unlimited!

I’m always in Ortigas and we love eating at Seven Corners at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, but weirdly so, we did not hear about this. I got to hear about this from an officemate, Jen. She mentioned that for the month of September, Xin Tian Di had a promo of 50% off from their original price of Php 1,188 net per person. I couldn’t resist the offer. I thought of celebrating Ej’s birthday there since he just arrived from a business trip to India. The buffet offered more than 50 dimsum selections, and I knew he would appreciate that. Yum!

I got hold of the menu from Xin Tian Di. Here it is!

Xin Tian Di Menu

Overwhelming, right! So what I did was I asked my friend, Jen, for what she thought was amazing and then we tried these. To help you guys out (I know that some people bought coupons from Deal Grocer recently — because I also bought!), here are my suggestions of what to try.

For two people, you can order these:

These are our orders:
2 pcs Steamed Seafood Dumpling in Superior Stock
4 pcs Steamed Crystal Prawns
4 pcs Steamed Xiao Long Pao Shanghai style
2 orders of Steamed Pork Ribs in XO sauce
2 pcs Steamed Sio Mai Japanese Style
4 pcs Birds Eye Dumplings (definitely a must try!)
2 pcs Radish Cake
2 pcs Crispy Wonton Teochew Style
2 Spring Rolls
2 Sesame Buchi
2 Coffee Pudding

Just to share with you our orders!

What I love about Xin Tian Di, is that not only do they have good dimsum, but they have impeccable service. We felt that the waiters were just waiting to stuff us with lots and lots of food. They were always there to refill your glass of water. There was no need to call on them. Also, they were always on the look out for new orders. By the way, they leave you with the copy of the menu in a clipboard. You can then order and add to your orders anytime you want. The waiters would then pass by your table and get your orders.

Another thing, I just mentioned in an email to them when I reserved that we were celebrating my husband’s birthday, and guess what, they had a small cake made for EJ. The staff even sang for him. During our visit, we both didn’t have a clue. I love that they were so into the little details!

I am definitely going back! This is one of my favorite Chinese restaurants.

Thanks, Xin Tian Di!





P.S. The waiter said that the record for the Coffee Pudding was 30 orders for just one person! I dare you, guys, to beat that.

P.P.S. The Coffee Pudding was actually pretty yummy!

P.P.P.S. For reservations, you can email Xin Tian Di at mnlcp.xintiandi@ihg.com. What I did was I also pre-ordered so that they can cook your orders ahead of time :) Xin Tiam Di is located at the 4/F Crown Plaza Galleria Manila, Ortigas Ave., Ugong Norte, Quezon City. You can call them up at +(632)633-7222 loc. 7240.

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