There are not a lot of bazaars during the months of January to June, but the fact is, we all need to be stylish and look for great bargains even after the ‘ber’ months. I always find it a hard time to look for the perfect clothes and shoes for Valentines day. Also, it takes me a while to look for the perfect summer get up or the perfect prom attire. I have this resolution of purchasing the best office clothes for this coming year, and yet, I need time to check each store in the metropolis to look for one that really suits me.

Hot Young Designers, together with Studio SnR, are calling out to home based businesses that want to address all of these fashion needs. Do you have a home based business that you want to promote? Join Friday Fashion Fever Bazaar.

We’d love to have you join our fashion event. Visit our Friday Fashion Fever Events page.

See you all at the Friday Fashion Fever Bazaar :)

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