While driving to Metrowalk, I laughed upon reading a tweet – “Person 1: It’s so hot outside. Person 2: Don’t go out, baka maging redundant!” Yes, love the “hirit”! But seriously, the scorching heat made me irritable. Even that funny tweet couldn’t take me out of my mood. My grumbling tummy made my mood worse. It was a good thing, I had a good lunch. It was enough to bring me back to my bright and sunny disposition. So, where did we eat? We ate at Regrub.

Regrub Stall in Metrowalk

The first time I heard of this food stall, I did not realize that it was burger spelled backwards. We met the owner and he told us that the name was from his childhood days when he and his friends would spell words backwards. Little did he know that burger spelled backwards would be the name of his own burger stall that sells good burgers! This unassuming place, Regrub, started as a stall in Club 650, Libis. This year, it opened another stall in Metrowalk, which was thankfully near our office.

I, together with another Manila Reviews writer (Mikey), visited the place and we grabbed a burger each. Mikey had the Pesto Cream Cheese burger at Php 95. He had another beef patty added to his burger, which cost him an additional Php 40.

I had the Bakes and Shrooms Burger at Php 100. It was “highly” recommended by the owner. For both burgers, the patty was delicious. It was a bit crispy at the outside, but it was not dry. It was juicy. The owner mentioned that the patties are home made and it’s their own recipe. The Pesto Cream Cheese burger was delish! The sauce gave the burger an “herbal” and memorable taste. I would recommend the Bakes and Shrooms Burger though. I’m a person who loves cheese, so I would recommend this burger to all the cheese lovers.

For those who want just the simple Cheeseburger, we recommend that you have the ranch sauce added. The ranch sauce made the burger extra-special. We got to try the sauce and it made me add that Cheeseburger to my list of “to-try dishes”.

Another recommended burger was the Sib’s burger. And no, Sib is not the name of the owner. Sib is short for Sibuyas. As you may have guessed, this burger is topped with caramelized onions.

All in all, we loved the burgers. It’s simple but very appetizing.

Contact Details:
Regrub Burgers
Club 650, Libis
Regrub Facebook Fanpage

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  1. ML

    You have to be kidding. My friend and I got so sick! Our car stank for days afterward. Regrub is like Burgers for the Damned. Steer away, I say!


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