We got the coupon from DealGrocer.com. The Bella Rocca deal was Php 25,000 for 4 people. It included accommodations for 3 days and 2 nights. Not bad at all, right? What we needed to do was to book a flight with Zest Air. This is the only airline that has flights to Marinduque.I think they just have 1 flight from Manila in the Morning and one to Manila in the afternoon. The morning flight leaves at 7:00 am and for the flight back, it’s at 3pm flight. The round trip plane ticket costs Php 7,000 for each person.

Tito EJ and David: about to board the plane!

The plane left for Marinduque on time (which was a surprise for my friends who have used Zest Air before). The plane ride was only at 45 minutes. When we got to the Marinduque airport, there were people from Bella Rocca who were waiting for us. By the way, Bella Rocca will send you an envelop a few days before your trip. It contains the welcome package and stickers. The stickers are for your luggage. This is for them to identify your baggage.

When we met the people from Bella Rocca at the airport, we were led to their van and were given a super cold towel to freshen up and cold water to drink. The van ride going to the mini port took around an hour. When we got to the port, there was a speed boat waiting for us. a speedboat can carry around 10 passengers. The boat ride was only around 5 minutes.

Bella Rocca

When we got to the island, a group of people welcomed us with a song and dance number. We were then led to a golf cart that would take us to our villa. Our villa was at the Terrazas. It was like a mini home with two bedrooms. The bathroom of each room was huge. There was a mini ref and a dining area, where you can order room service and they actually set the table for you. This is where we played Monopoly deal, too! Lol!

Anyway, there are a lot of activities that you can do in Bella Rocca. They have two pools – the lap pool and the one beside the man-made beach that looks like an infinity pool. In the beach, you can sign up for water sports activities. You can go snorkeling, kayaking and wind surfing.

Beach at Bella Rocca

We tried kayaking. Ej and I were in one kayak. We were led by the instructor / guide around the island. After 20-30 minutes, we were back at the beach. It was a great upper body workout. We had to eat after to compensate for the calories that we lost. After lunch, we tried to go wind surfing. Both of us must have tried staying on top of the board a dozen times. It was too windy (it was the time when typhoon Mina visited the Philippines)! We kept on falling instead of moving. Hmmm, we’ll just come back and try again in the future! We signed up for snorkeling, but we forgot to go snorkeling since we were so tired.

Bella Rocca Salad

During lunch and dinner, we ate at the restaurant near the clubhouse or the welcome area. The food was good! The menu was composed of a variety of dishes, but we were blessed to have eaten the good dishes and we were not disappointed.

When you order, do not miss the Lechon Kawali. We kept on coming back for this dish. They also have good burgers (I forgot the name). We also loved the sinigang, the broiled chicken, the chicken cordon bleu and the adobo.

The place is really for relaxing and for resting. What we did for the three days was just bask under the sun, do water activities, eat, go to the gym, eat, watch dvds that you can rent, and eat again. That’s basically what you will be doing, and we all loved it!

You can read more about our trip from these links from Ate Nina “Neva” of ManilaMommy.com


Contact Details:
Bella Rocca
Corporate Sales Office
Director of Sales and Marketing: MR. JOHN TANJANGCO
Suite 2804, 28th Floor, Ayala Life-FGU Center
6811 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1229 Philippines
Telephone Number: (+632)8177290; (+632)3288831
Fax Number: (+632)8175879; (+632)8924102
Email Address: info@bellaroccaresorts.com
Website: www.bellaroccaresorts.com

Resort Address:

Barangay – Tungib – Lipata, Municipality of Buenavista
Province of Marinduque, Philippines

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  1. bronzieBear

    We’re going on the second weekend of October using the same deal grocer coupon.  Hope to have some sun by then.

  2. bronzieBear

    We’re going on the second weekend of October using the same deal grocer coupon.  Hope to have some sun by then.

  3. Enzo

    When did you go? They never sent me anything before our trip there :( so we didn’t have stickers or a welcome package..  :-s

    And both our flights were in the morning (to and from marinduque).. We went Mid-July this year…

    • Anonymous

      by the way, we went Sunday to Tuesday. Zest Air flights on Sunday are in the morning, and afternoon on Tuesday. :)


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