I love jeje’s. I’m actually talking about the Spicy Chicken wings at Felix in Greenbelt 5. It’s both sweet and a little bit spicy. I love how the skin of the wings are still crispy even if the sauce is all over the chicken. This appetizer is at Php 245.

I love Felix. It gives that cozy and comfortable feeling that you get when you eat at home. This is one of the favorite restaurants of my family. We always come here for special occasions. It’s quite a wonder why I haven’t written about this place before. I guess the place just seemed so familiar that I totally forgot about it. Well, I think it’s about time to hype this not-to-be-missed restaurant.

For the entrees, we recommend that you try the following dishes: the Rockafeller Chick (Php 495), Chanos (Php 400), Feliciano (Php 475), and Rosie (Php 495).

Rockafeller Chick

The Rockafeller Chick is chicken fillet stuffed with spinach and mozarella. It was truly delightful. My favorite ingredients mixed in one dish. Not one of them overpowered the other, plus they even complimented each other. The chicken was then wrapped in bacon and served with potato puree and tomato. I liked the sauce. It looked appetizing.

The Chanos was grilled milkfish belly with prawn tomato salsa. The presentation was good. The dish was quite filling for a fish dish. It was served with rice, which I even left unfinished. The dish had sidings of taro leaves in coconut cream. This was actually what I order when I eat at Felix.

The Feliciano is Felix’s own take on Filipino Adobo. This is what we highly recommend you to try. I’m actually making a mental note to order this the next time we eat there. This dish is always what my sister orders and I always get from her (lol! I think she might already complain the next time around). It’s adobo, whose taste you will never forget.

For those who love roasted chicken, Rosie is roasted chicken with grape butter sauce. It is served with mushroom vegetable rice. The chicken was not dry and it was juicy. I noticed though that there was hardly any skin, but I think the bacon wrapped around made up for it.

We also ordered pasta but I forgot what it was called. Here it is:

When visiting Felix, never miss the desserts. I think we ordered four desserts the last time we ate at Felix. We tried the Marion (Php 195), Tobey (Php 180), Julia (Php 160) and the Caramela (Php 220).

Their desserts are to die for!

So if you haven’t tried Felix yet, visit this heavenly place where my family hangs out often. You might find yourself coming back, too!

Contact Details:

Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St., Legaspi Village, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
Telephone number: (+632)729-9062

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