We would normally go to Bugsy’s Bar and Bistro in Ortigas to have a drink with my friends, but recently, since one of our friends got pregnant (a big shout out to Sharon!), most of our night outs were composed of just dinner and dessert (and coffee for the rest of us) after.

When we got together right before Holy week, we decided to go to Bugsy’s. For some of us, we were wondering if we were going to grab drinks after, but then, our friend said that we were just going to have dinner and dessert there. It was the first time that we were going to try the food at Bugsy’s. We went to the newly opened branch in Burgos Circle.

Bugsy's Calamari Vinaigrette Salad (Php 175)

Bugsy's Calamari Vinaigrette Salad (Php 175)

For our appetizers, we tried the Potato Wedges (Php 95) and the Calamari Vinaigrette Salad (Php 175). The wedges were served hot and the Calamari Vinaigrette was filling. They did not scrimp on the calamari that they tossed together with the salad.

Bugsy's Bugsy’s Chili Burger (Php 295)

Bugsy's Bugsy’s Chili Burger (Php 295)

Bugsy's Bugsy's Bugsy’s Chili Burger (Php 295)
My husband ordered the Bugsy’s Chili Burger (Php 295). He liked the burger. It was made with an all beef patty with chili and fries on the side. He said that he was shocked at the quality of the food, because it was quite good. People would have the misconception that bars would have so-so food.

Bugsy turned out to be a good place to have dinner, too!

Bugsy's Poached Salmon (Php 255)

Bugsy's Poached Salmon (Php 255)

I also loved the Poached Salmon (Php 255). It was Norwegian Salmon that was placed on top of mashed potatoes. It had creamy basil sauce. The salmon was also lined with pesto sauce on top. The fish was very fresh and looked very appetizing. I was so happy with my fish dish.

Bugsy's Carbonara (Php 165)

Bugsy's Carbonara (Php 165)

My friends ordered the Carbonara (Php 165), which had bacon strips, grated cheese and white creamy sauce.
Bugsy’s Spam Breakfast (Php 185)

Bugsy’s Spam Breakfast (Php 185)

Two of them ordered the Bugsy’s Spam Breakfast (Php 185) with 3 slices of spam, 2 eggs, garlic rice and orange juice. They all seemed to enjoy the food. I got to try the carbonara and it was al dente. The sauce was just right. It was not totally soaked but it had the right amount of sauce in it.

Bugsy's Chocolate chip Almond Cookie with ice cream (Php 75)

Bugsy's Chocolate chip Almond Cookie with ice cream (Php 75)

For dessert, we had the Chocolate chip Almond Cookie with ice cream (Php 75). I have one word for it… “yummy!” I am coming back even for this dessert. The cookie was soft and warm. The vanilla ice cream was a good compliment for the cookie.

I am definitely coming back to Bugsy’s Bar and Bistro, and I won’t be coming back for the drinks alone, but also for the yummy food!

Contact Details:
Bugsy’s Bar and Bistro
Julia Vargas Avenue
Unit C, City Gold Plaza
105 Julia Vargas Ave.
Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone Number: (+632)4894985

Burgos Circle

Paseo Parkview
(+632)5015203, (+63922)9710604

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