Ruven Malamug, 23, is our last interviewee for the RISQ Grand Summer Fashion Show. He is representing Style Studio in Makati, and has been designing ever since he was studying. His friends encouraged him to go into fashion design since they saw his talent.

RISQ Ruven Malamug Style Studio 01

RISQ Interview with Ruven Malamug representing Style Studio

He is really excited to show his designs for the RISQ Grand Summer Fashion Show. Ruven mentioned that this is the second competition that he has joined, and he is happy that he made it as a finalist.

RISQ Ruven Malamug Style Studio 02

Ruven Malamug: expect colorful designs!

For the RISQ fashion show, expect colorful and vibrant prints from this young and talented designer. He tells us that his inspiration was abstract paintings, colorful designs and the sari of Indian women. He loves their culture as he loves to play with colors and prints. Expect elegant designs from Ruven.

His fashion idols are Divine Paguila, Danilo Franco and Elie Saab. In the future, he wants to be known as a versatile designer. He would love to be known as the designer that knows not only how to create wonderful designs, but as the designer who can execute these designs using his own hands. He wants to be a hands-on designer, getting to know what his customers want, and customizing a design specifically to match the taste of his client.

To Ruven, we will be here to support you as you achieve your dreams of becoming one of the well known designers in the Philippines in the future. Good luck to you for the RISQ Fashion Show!

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