Italian food has been quite a favorite cuisine of a lot of Filipino families, including ours. The birthday of, my sister-in-law, we all went to Cafe Puccini at the Fort Strip.
Cafe Puccini Interiors
Cafe Puccini 00013
We were given the menu and while we were waiting, they gave us delicious bread to eat. The aroma of the food being baked in the restaurant got us really hungry.

Cafe Puccini Gnocco Fritto w/ Parma Ham
For our appetizers, we had the Gnocco Frito With Parma Ham (Php 325). This was truly delicious. The bread was baked in Cafe Puccini and it was soft an tender. It was a puffy bread that looked like a croissant or an elongated roll. It didn’t have any fillings. The parma ham was a perfect topping to this dish. It added just the right amount of flavor that the bread needed.

There were three pasta variants that we ordered and got to try. We got to try the Spaghetti Vongole (Php 355), Lasgna Di Ragu (Php 385) and Fetuccini con Funghi E Oglio di Tartufu (Php 405). Among the four dishes that we ordered, I liked the Lasagna Di Ragu the best. I loved how the cheese melted on top of the pasta. The beef that was mixed into it was cooked perfectly.

Cafe Puccini Lasagna

Cafe Puccini Lasagna Di Ragu

Cafe Puccini Spaghetti Vongole

Cafe Puccini Spaghetti Vongole

I also liked the Spaghetti Vongole. For those who are looking for that subtle taste, this is the perfect perfect pasta for you. It’s pasta that is sauteed in white wine and mixed with clams.

Cafe Puccini Fettucini Con Funghi e Oglio di Tartufo

Cafe Puccini Fettucini Con Funghi e Oglio di Tartufo

I didn’t like the Fetuccini con Funghi E Oglio di Tartufu so much though. I think this pasta wasn’t as flavorful as expected. The pasta though really had that aroma of truffle oil being included or mixed in the cream sauce.

Cafe Puccini Pizza Marinara

Cafe Puccini Pizza Turandot

I liked the pizza at Cafe Puccini. We ordered the Pizza Turandot (Php 465). I was made of tomatoes, anchovies, mozzarella, eggplant, mushrooms, egg, onions and salami. Looking at the pizza made methink that the inspiration for this was paella, with the so many ingredients incorporated into the pizza. A lot of those who tried it in the get together liked it.
Cafe Puccini Quattro Formaggio

Cafe Puccini Quattro Formaggio

I always liked the simple one. I like my pizza to be simple. It was a good thing that we also ordered the Pizza Quattro Formaggio (Php 495). This was a great and delightful dish for those cheese lovers like me.
Cafe Puccini Pizza Marinara

The Pizza Mediterraneo (Php 435) was also good. This was made of tomatoes, mozzarella, pesto sauce and sauteed mushrooms.

Cafe Puccini 00015

Cafe Puccini Desserts

They have a couple of desserts available, too. We didn’t get to eat any of them since we were so full.

Of course, the kids also had a great time with the booze!

David and Booze!

Contact Details:
Cafe Puccini

Unit 12 The Fort Strip,
Global City Fort Bonifacio,
Taguig City
Tel Number: (+632) 8163055
Fax Number: (+632) 8163054

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