Tea is in the air… It was love at first sip That’s what’s written in the one page flyer of Serenitea. I know we’re a bit late in publishing this review, but still, a lot of people who are not in the area of San Juan, Banawe and BF Homes or in the vicinity of these two malls, Alabang Town Center and Robinson’s Place Manila, are still unaware of what Serenitea is all about.

Serenitea branch in San Juan

Serenitea branch in San Juan

Serenitea Menu
Serenitea Ambiance

Tea lovers will enjoy this place. It is a haven for those who want to have “specialty tea”. The choices of tea offered are Milk tea, Freshly brewed tea, tea latte, ezciting yakult (tea mixed with yakult), Serenitease, Serenifruit and Pulpy drinks (with fruit beads).

The classic choices would be the roasted milk tea, which happens to be my favorite. The Milkteas are served in three different sizes: Small (Hot), Medium (Cold) and Large (Cold). The Roasted Milktea is priced at Php 85 / Php95 / Php105 respectively for the given sizes.

Serenitea Roasted Milk Tea

Serenitea Roasted Milk Tea

EJ ordered the Wintermelon Sweet Serenitease. It was at Php 70 for the Medium (cold) and Php 80 for the Large (cold).

Serenitea Wintermelon Sweet Serenitease

Serenitea Wintermelon Sweet Serenitease

What’s good about Serenitea is that you can order extra Sinkers. The available sinkers are: Pearls, Crystals, Lime Jelly, Red Bean, Black Bricks and Egg pudding. You will have to add Php 15 for an extra scoop of any regular sinkers and add Php 20 for agar beans or aloe vera sinkers.
Serenitea options
Also, you can choose the sweetness that you prefer. The choices are 100% full sugar, 75% less sugar, 50% half sugar, 25% mild sugar or 0% healthy.

They also serve delicious snacks to go with the drinks that you order. We recommend that you try out the chicken chops at Php 70.00 for one bag.

Serenitea Bag of Chicken Chops

Serenitea Bag of Chicken Chops

Serenitea Chicken Chops

Serenitea Chicken Chops

Serenitea Yummy Chicken chops!

Yummy Chicken Chops!

There are a lot of tea places that serve the same kind of products, but what makes Serenitea unique is that even if it is specialty tea and even if they brew up different recipes for the tea, the taste of the tea is still there. This is what makes this place distinct, and still a hit. Tea fanatics are drawn to this place because the taste of the tea is not drowned by all the added ingredients.

So if you’re a tea fanatic who’s looking for a break away from your normal choice of tea, try Serenitea!

Contact Details:

San Juan Branch
Tel. Number: 3794166

Banawe, QC
Tel. Number: 2382545

BF Homes
Tel. Number: 7943288

Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa (Cinema Lane)

Robinson’s Place Manila (1F Adriatico Wing)

Serenitea Delivery
*Php 200 minimum area delivery

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16 Responses

  1. Jenny

    can i ask if serenitea is open for franchise? and can i ask for a contact number?

  2. leah

    Booo! their not using milk in their tea.. they are mixing it with creamer! serenitea you sucks! 

  3. Yscream198

    Hello! My friends and i wants to franchise for serenitea.. can you help us were we can find their website for inquiries? thank you and more power!:) im looking forward for the response. My email add yscream198@yahoo.com

  4. Dhonz_07

    serenitea at jupiter bel air makati is always full of customers. still on the way of tasting all their flavors…love it!


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