Robin Gundran is our fourth interviewee for the RISQ Fashion event this March. This simple yet very talented Fashion Institute of the Philippines (FIP) Ortigas student was an undergraduate of a Computer Engineering course at the Adamsom University. He was so passionate about fashion design that his parents supported him in his decision to take up fashion design instead.

Robin Gundran Representing FIP

Robin Gundran Representing FIP Ortigas

It was a good choice, as now, Robin is one of the finalists for the RISQ fashion show, a grand fashion event for this summer. It was a blessing as he learned about RISQ in Facebook and through his design school, FIP.
RISQ Designers - Robin Gundran

Although, excited and a bit nervous, he thoroughly explained the inspiration behind his collection. What people will see in his collection is a different method of creating clothes and uniques cuts that are simple edgy, sexy and colorful. He likes it to be simples as to highlight the construction of the garment. His inspiration is the African culture. He sees that this race is simple but very creative.
Watch out for Robin's interesting patterns inspired by African culture!
His admires the designs of Christian Dior and Alexander McQueen. What he likes about these two designers is that they have foresight and vision. They see how the clothes will turn out even before making them.

RISQ Designers Robin from FIP
To Robin, continue to dream big and remain humble. Good luck to you and we hope that you enjoy RISQ!

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*Manila Reviews and Manila Shopaholic are proud media sponsors of the RISQ Grand Summer Fashion Show. This will be held at the World Trade Center on March 4, 2011. Vote for the designer finalist you are rooting for in our online polls. We will have a special award for the designer who tops the polls!

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