I am a coffee addict. I drink coffee in the morning, after eating lunch, during merienda and even after dinner. I won’t say no if you invite me for coffee. Being the addict that I am, we even placed a donate button in this site so you can actually show your support and help me make up for the money that I lose in drinking all that coffee. Yes, the source of my happiness is quite shallow!

Anyway, being this way (and I’m sure most of Filipinos are like me!), I am happy to announce that you can have your favorite brand, Figaro, celebrate special occasions with you.
Figaro Events

They can cater your birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate events, etc. All you have to do is call them up at least three days before and voila, you will have your beloved coffee experience in your homes or offices.

Contact Details:
Figaro Corporate Functions – Sales
Telephone Number: (+632)6375969
Email address: sales@figarocoffee.com

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