One of this year’s prestigious events in the food industry is the Manila’s Best Kept Secret Awards. It was the brainchild of Mr. Elian Habayeb, an internationally recognized DJ, and Ms. Ines Cabarrus, a wine and beverage expert. It will be this coming November 24, 2010 at the Enderun Colleges Culinary Center. There will be a category for the People’s Choice
Awards. Please don’t forget to vote for your favorite restaurant.
If you still haven’t voted, you can log on to

MBKRS The Judges have Spoken

MBKRS: The Judges have Spoken

Here are the new award categories for this year:
Best Korean Restaurant
Best Indian Restauran
Best Emerging Talent
Best Dessert, Ice Cream and Cake Shop
Best Burger Joint
Best Hotel Bar
People’s Choice Award (voted on by the public)

The nominees are already out. You can check them out at the Manila’s Best Kept Restaurant Secrets Website.

We already can’t wait for Wednesday to come as we are all so excited! Vote now for your favorite restaurants for the Manila’s Best Kept Restaurant Secrets Awards.

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  1. Anne

    Hi there, will the awards night be open to everyone? Can we send Gwen's number RSVPs even without a formal invitation? Thanks a lot, Ginger! :)

    • ginger

      Hi Anne! I think it’s by invitation only. We will do an event coverage so we can let you guys know what happened. :)


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