Announcing the Winner of the Nokia Philippines and Manila Reviews Nokia: My Life Philippine Promo

Manila Reviews and the rest of the Manila Blogs Family (Manila Blogs, Manila Fitness, Manila Shopaholic, Manila Mommy) would like to thank everyone who has joined our contest.

We do hope that this contest, aside from giving you a chance to own the wonderful Nokia 5230, has introduced our website to you. We featured things you can do in our city, new restaurants you can try out, and a few new entrepreneurs that all bring a different flavor to this wonderful melting pot we call Manila.

An Inspirational Manila Blog to be Launched Soon

During our 5 year journey, we met a lot of people — entrepreneurs, advocates, online business tycoons, and civic leaders — who have all inspired us. We hope to share that inspiration with all of you through a brand new site that we will be launching soon!

Announcing the Winner

Now down to business — for Manila Reviews (alone), there were 186 people who joined, and a total of 738 raffle tickets. I had to do some Excel acrobatics but I was able to finish everything (and with a migraine to boot). I listed all the raffle entries and used to randomly select the winner:

Random Draw Winner

And the winner is...

and the winner for is MinnieRunner!!!
Congratulations to the winner of Nokia : My Life promo!

(MinnieRunner, we will be in touch with you via email so please be sure to check your email!)

Again, thank you to everyone! and Congratulations to MinnieRunner!!!

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  1. MinnieRunner

    Wow! I am blessed! And today is Sunday! Thanks everyone and thanks be to God. Hahaha, sige paburger ako, ung buy 1 take 1 na P5 ang isa, hehehe :)


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