I’m reading a book by Bo Sanchez, “How to Turn Thoughts into Things”, and I have realized a lot of things. One of which is that sometimes people get confused with plans and purposes. For example, when you blog and write entries everyday, some bloggers think that this is their purpose – to write about their travels, to review dishes or to exhibit their photography or skills in making a good video. But what I have realized is that there is a deeper purpose to all of these and writing or posting or making beautiful videos are just plans to achieve a purpose.

With all the new blogs, I have nominated these blogs as my entry to the Influential Blogger’s Top 10 emerging Influential blogs for 2010.


1. Manila Shopaholic (manilashopaholic.com): This blog is no ordinary fashion blog. Although it may have occasional established products featured, it’s main aim is to serve as a platform for new entrepreneurs to feature their products and services. You would see that there are a lot of new brands that are featured on this site. It encourages “fashionistas and shopaholics” like us to appreciate our local products.

2. Don Trivino (dontrivino.com): They say a picture says a thousand words. Some bloggers are gifted and I mean, really gifted with an artistic eye – an eye that can capture beautiful details and scenes from our beloved land. Sometimes, we tend to forget to appreciate the beauty of the Philippines, but this blogger had me admiring our country once again!

3. Manila Mommy (manilamommy.com): I am newly married and of course, i’m looking forward to the adventures of having a child of my own in the future. I love this site since it really caters to the needs of new moms. It seems like i’m talking to a friend, who is sharing her experiences in this area.

4. The Blogging Advertiser (thebloggingdvertiser.com): I admire bloggers with a certain passion, a passion that brings them to analyze the industry and to bridge the gap between advertisers and bloggers. This new blog, with so much faith in making people understand both worlds, is a very admirable purpose!

5. Face buko (facebuko.com): We all love a good laugh. One’s purpose need not be ‘deep’. Sometimes it’s just as simple as putting a smile on one’s face!

6. Foodie Manila (foodiemanila.com): there are a three thousand and one food and travel blogs in the blogosphere (that includes Manila Reviews… hehe), but what makes me admire this new blog is that the pictures are so appetizing. Being a food blogger is not easy. You main purpose is give your readers a clear picture of what they would expect in the restaurant or in the places that you review. You will definitely have clear pictures with Foodie Manila.

7. Manila Fitness (manilafitness.com): Women have different ‘reading’ needs in terms of looking for physical activities, sports, wellness and nutrition articles and entries. Manila Fitness shows actual experiences of a woman who undergoes all these questions and tries to share her thoughts on diets, yoga centers, etc. This site’s purpose is to cater to women’s needs in terms of fitness, health and nutrition.

8. Project 52 Weeks (project52weeks.com): There are hardly any video blogs in the Philippines and this blog in mainly a video blog. I liked this blog because it inspired me to try to make a video blog (I think I just need more guts). Again, this is a blog with a simple purpose but very inspirational!

9. ATBP or Around the Buzz Primetime (aroundthebuzzprimetime.blogspot.com): I’m a fan of anything Filipino and I also have been avidly watching Pinoy movies and shows for years now. A new showbiz blog would be a hit in the Philippines because of the massive fan base that each ‘artista’ has. I believe that blogs like ATBP have a great responsibility of presenting what is true, inspiring the young generation and in presenting great Filipino talent.

10. Thirsty Blogger (thirstyblogger.com): One of the things taught in marketing is to have your own niche whose needs you can address. This blog had a unique purpose, to review different drinks from various places, not alcoholic drinks, but any kind of drink (juices, etc.). I am a person who drinks (again, not alcohol, but coffee) a lot, especially when depressed. This blog not only satisfies your thirst but satisfies your soul!

So there you go, these are our top 10 choices for the Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010. Please do join this writing project and click on this link: Join the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 Writing Project

sowing the seeds of love

*image from thegirlinthecafe.com

Another thing that I learned is that we should plant seeds of love. Planting these seeds of appreciation for these talented people is a small step in living in a community of generosity, selflessness and love! So do your share and nominate the blogs that you like.

Kuddos to Influential Blogger for having this activity. Kuddos also to the following sponsors that made this all possible: Events and Corporate Video, Budget hotel in Makati, Pinoy Party Food, Copyediting Services, PR Agency Philippines, Budget Travel Philippines, and Corporate Events Organizer.

*Note: sorry we had to change one entry due to the mechanics.

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  1. ginger

    haha! :) hindi na … buhuuu! nominate mo nalang please si manilafitness.com :) It's catered though to women ;) hey visit my gingerarboleda.com site. It's my personal blog!

    Thanks Rey!

  2. ginger

    That's a great goal, erica! I'll suggest it to my sister and friends who are still looking for other blogs to nominate! :)

  3. ericaorange

    Hey! :) I'm inviting you to visit tara-na.com. It's a food and travel blog I created to motivate me to explore new places. This blog is inspired by a goal which is to travel the world bit by bit. I would start from my province and then progress to neighboring provinces to nearby countries and so on. :) I wish to wake up someday and just suddenly realize that I have already achieved my goal. So yeah, it's a long term project for myself. :) You may want to consider it for your pick of the top 10 emerging influential blogs of 2010. Thank you! :) And cheers to this writing project!

  4. fjordz

    hi! Thank you for including ATBP! on your list! Super! I'll have your blog linked to my two blogs! Super thanks!

  5. Manila Reviews

    Thanks Robbie! Hope you can nominate ManilaShopaholic, ManilaFitness or ManilaMommy. :) Just suggesting lang…

    thanks! :) Keep up the good work on the site!

    • reyjr

      Wah! Puno na Top 10 nyo! I passed by to check ManilaReviews.com kung pwede pa i-nominate. Hindi na pala.. aww. :P

      And also wanted to suggest Robbie's blog (The Creative Dork) and Vince's blog (When In Manila). Sayang! :p

      But your noms are well deserving, so Congrats to them! I will consider them as well – I'm still building up my Top 10. :)

  6. ginger

    Thanks, Robbie! :)

    Oh my, i just visited your site! It's so nice! Do you make the comic strips yourself? I'm definitely placing you in our blogroll!

    • Robbie

      Hi ginger! Thanks for dropping by my blog. :) I'll add you on my blogroll as well. :)

      Yes I make the comic strips myself. :)

  7. ginger

    Hi Paolo! :)

    Good luck on choosing! I just read your post… Nice of you to drop by. Thanks!


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