We have been a fan of Good Burgers for the longest time now, since a stall or the mini store that they have in C5 is near our place. We have been regular customers.

Good Burgers Bacon Mozza Melt

Good Burgers Bacon Mozza Melt (Chicken Patty)

We always order the Chicken Burger patties. You wouldn’t expect these patties to be so juicy, but they are. They even taste like beef patties. Good Burgers also has the vegetarian burger variant. The vegetarian burger patty really looks like a thick spam slice. Vegetarians out there may try this. I tried this once but I personally prefer the veggie patty to be ‘seen’ as made out of vegetables.

We recommend the 3 Cheese, composed of cream cheese, mozzarella and cheese sauce, Cheesy Mushroom, made out of cheese and mushroom or the Bacon Mozza Melt, again made out of Bacon and Mozzarella Cheese for those who love cheese.

Good Burgers Mushroom Cheese (Vegetarian Patty)

Good Burgers Cheesy Mushroom (Vegetarian Patty)

For those looking for a more sophisticated taste, try the Herb Delite with Basil and Cottage Cheese or the Margherita Burger with roasted tomatoes, fresh basil, mozzarella cheese and cheese sauce.

Their burgers can be ordered in three sizes: the Good, Better and Best (two patties). Burger prices range from 50 to 80 pesos for the Good, 60 to 90 pesos for Better and 75 to 105 for Best.

They also serve add ons: cheese sauce, mushroom, barbeque sauce, etc. at 12 to 18 pesos. Side orders are Wedge Fries or Cayenne Hot Fries.

These are burgers that one would crave for. I have honestly craved for these a couple of times already. Don’t worry, it’s okay to crave, as well, these healthy burgers.

Contact Details:
Good Burgers

C5 Pasig: 105 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, C5 Pasig
Tel. No.: 6714242
Tel. No.: 6364663
Tel. No.: 3454442
Tel. No.: 4354663

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  1. u8mypinkcookies

    I was looking for this in Greenhills last Friday but cannot find it… I wanted to try pa naman sana!

  2. Ron

    Nice! Definitely a must try ginge! Sometimes mas gusto ko pa yung burger and cheese lang, yung walang gulay. hehehe :D


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