South Pole Expeditions 2010

South Pole Expeditions 2010

I’m sure most of you have read our sister site,’s post on Climate Changers and the South Pole Expedition 2010. If you haven’t read it yet, click HERE.

This is a reminder that you can now post your prayer petitions! We hope that we can get encourage everyone to make his little share in saving the environment and on saving our nation!

Click here to post your prayer petitions: Make a Prayer Petition

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  1. oben

    may the lord continue to blessed all the people that has desire to change the world for the good of all people… may the lord continue to bless you in all areas of your life… I'm praying for this man who has been called for his purpose,for i know that the lord planned everything for his children… im praying in God's will everything that we desired for good will be fulfill soon… AMen

  2. Patrick Miguel S.Tui

    Dear God,

    I am here to talk to you because we are making a movement to make a prayer for a filipino who will go to south pole.Please take care of him and protect him.Guide him in every steps he would make,help him to be more alert and strong.Give him more strength and faith that he can do that job.Lord God,creator of heaven and earth,we all give this prayer to you and please take care of him.Give him power,strength,alertious and most of all faith.I send this to God.


    -Patrick Miguel Tuico.


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