Mother's Day 2010 |

Mother's Day 2010 |

Happy Mother’s Day to all our beloved mothers! As Filipinos who’s always on the lookout for an excuse to party, the celebration of the remarkable women who raised us, is definitely a great reason to celebrate.

Since I’m sure a lot of you are looking for places to eat, let us suggest the following:

BUDGET (around P150 to P300 per person)
Orchard Road
Angel’s Pizza, Pasta, & Combo
La Creperie

AVERAGE (around P300 to P600 per person)
Romulo Cafe
Uncle Cheffy
Lorenzo’s Way
Angel’s Kitchen

ABOVE AVERAGE (around P600 to P1500 per person)
Old Vine Grille
La Regalade
Don Eduardo’s

If your mom is a particularly health conscious one, we recommend the following restaurants (I would say both belong to the AVERAGE category):
Corner Tree Cafe
Healthy Kitchen

There you go! I hope our reviews help everyone have a great Mother’s Day! :)

(photo by Jesse Gardner)

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