Coffee, Tea and a Meal at their Finest

I’m addicted to coffee, but that doesn’t mean that coffee is the only thing I look for when I go to a cafe. Oftentimes, during office lunches, we would scout good food and transfer to nearby coffee shops after. But we came across new offerings at Figaro that would make us have good food and great coffee in one place.

The New A la Carte

Figaro Ala Carte
1. Chicken ala Kiev, 2. Dory Provencal, 3. Tuscan Chicken

They have four new offerings at Figaro for their ‘a la carte’ dishes. They have the Chicken a la Kiev (Php 299), Breaded Dory (Php 299), Dory Provencal (Php 199) and the Tuscan Chicken (Php 199). The first two dishes comes with salad and potato fries. The Dory Provencal and the Tuscan Chicken comes with a pasta of your choice (Arrabbiata, Al Tonno, Carbonara, Classic Chorizo and Pesto) and salad. All dishes come with a choice of 12oz. Iced Tea or 12oz. Iced Coffee.

Figaro Pasta Choices
1. AL Tonno, 2. Carbonara, 3. Classic Chorizo, 4. Pesto

I would recommend that you try the Dory Provencal or the Tuscan Chicken. The dory is pan-fried, with a crispy outer layering and a fresh, packed inside that will surely make you full even if it’s ‘just fish’ for some. I love the Provencal sauce. It gave the fish (and the Tuscan Chicken) a unique and ‘to-crave’ for taste.

The salad, made out of greens, carrots, red bell pepper with a tangy, lemony sauce is a good compliment to any of the dishes. For the pasta, my favorite is the Al Tonno. It is actually their Pesto Pasta combined with spicy tuna. The tuna adds more flavor to the pasta. You can also try their Classic Chorizo or the Arrabiata. It will also go well with the Breaded Dory and the Chicken a la Kiev.

New Drinks

Figaro New Drinks
1. Raspberry Chai Tea Swizzle, 2. Cinnamon Chai Latte

It’s a known fact that the coffee in Figaro is good and an added fact is that it’s Philippine made coffee. So for this visit, I tried their new drinks. Their new drinks had Chai as the main ingredient. Chai is merely the same word for tea in Hindi, Punjabi and many other languages around the world. For many countries such as the US, they refer to “chai” (which is actually again ‘tea’) as a tea mixed with herbs and spices. In India, this is called ‘Masala Chai’ (spiced tea).
I tried the Raspberry Chai Swizzle (for EJ) and the hot Cinnamon Chai Latte.

The Rasperry Chai Tea Swizzle (Php 135) had rasberry puree at the bottom of the drink, then of course the Chai Tea with milk on top of it. You have to mix the drink very well so that the puree mixes well with the tea. I just wished that they lessen the puree just a tad bit because it was too sweet.

For the Cinnamon Chai Tea (Php 110), it was a bit sweet also, but I know that i’ll be coming back for this. I regretted ordering just a small cup. I loved that the flavor of the Chai blended well with cinnamon. It was a good idea to have that twist added to the tea.

All Day Breakfast

Figaro Breakfast
1. Corned Beef, 2. Pork Longganisa, 3. Gourmet Crispy Tuyo

Figaro offers four choices of breakfast meals (Php 175 per meal) served with garlic rice and a sunny side egg. They have corned beef, pork longganisa, and gourmet crispy tuyo. Do try the tuyo and the pork longganisa. The tuyo was my favorite: the flakes were not too salty, crispy, and flavorful. The longganisa was coated with sugar so it was a little bit sweet – which when paired with vinegar is perfect. Delicious!


Figaro Desserts
1. Mediterranean Strawberry Cheese Cake, 2. Dark Chocolate Rasberry Symphony, 3. Mocha Espresso Praline

Also, do try their desserts. We ordered the Mediterranean Strawberry Cheese Cake (Php 125), Dark Chocolate Rasberry Symphony (Php 120), and the Mocha Espresso Praline (Php 120). The Mediterranean Strawberry Cheese Cake was a bit too sweet for me, the Dark Chocolate Rasberry Symphony was a nice blend of bitter dark choco and sweet/sour raspberry. My favorite was the Mocha Espresso Praline: I don’t like mocha per se but this dish really did appeal to me. It went well with my Cinnamon Chai.

So if there’s a Figaro nearby, I highly suggest that you do drop by and try these delectable dishes and new yummy drinks – coffee, tea, meals, and dessert at its finest!

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7 Responses

  1. sheila

    the kids love figaro's pizzas (mushroom, classic, etc.) and sandwiches (farmer's ham is their favorite). luckily, i was able to get this figaro card and we get free dishes using the card. madalas kaming nasa Figaro!

    • ej

      hey ate shy! have you tried their bakes? i'm sure your kids will love them also. favorite ko rin ang farmer's ham. :)

  2. EJ

    @ron – Thanks! Yeah we noticed that most blogs review the really nice restos. We aim to be more… inclusive. :)@rico – ooh i haven't tried their bread pudding. try ko nga. The crispy gourmet tuyo is DELICIOUS. make sure you try that out! :)

  3. Rico

    We usually go to Figaro for coffee and their bread pudding. We've yet to try those breafast fares. The crispy gourmet tuyo sounds very interesting.

  4. ron

    hey you really have great reviews! keep it coming! lalo na dun sa mga off the beaten path na places. cheers! -ron :D


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