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With millions in America classified as obese or overweight, obesity is quite an alarming problem in the country.

Not only does obesity debar you from slipping into the coveted LBD at the shopping mall but it also leads to severe health issues and low self-esteem.

Overeating and lack of a stable exercise routine are two major reasons abetting the problem and controlling the appetite is really challenging for many.

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Phenq weight loss pills 2018

On top of that, while the busy lifestyle today hardly spares time for long gym sessions, more and more overweight people are increasingly taking to diet pills for a handy quick fix.

Phentermine is one of the most popular anti-obesity drugs consumed highly by Americans these days.  But, the question is whether Phentermine “the solution” for weight loss?

Well, the post below offers a brief on its mechanism & uses, dosage as well as possible side effects. Let’s start with mechanism and uses of Phentermine.

Phentermine can be described as a powerful stimulant that works similar to amphetamine.

The main use of the pill is to suppress the appetite by influencing the CNS -that in turn leads to a cut down on over binging and hence consumption of lesser fattening calories.

How does it work?

Classified as a strong anorectic, Phentermine operates by diminishing the user’s appetite.

The weight-loss drug stimulates the brain to release signals which manipulate the user’s mind to cut down on the appetite.

It leads to a feeling of fullness in the body & the user ends up eating less. The drug is designed to reduce the body’s ability to absorb things like fat and starch which minimizes calorie intake.

However, it should be mentioned here that phentermine alone cannot help you in losing your extra pounds.

For effective results, one has to combine it with a robust exercise routine and a balanced diet program.

When you cannot take Phentermine

One cannot consume phentermine if-

  • She is pregnant
  • Carries a record of cardiac diseases
  • Glaucoma
  • Overactive thyroid
  • If you are nursing your baby
  • Has been a pulmonary hypertension patient
  • You have uncontrolled or severely high BP
  • If you carry a past of alcohol or drug abuse
  • If you’re allergic to cold medications, stimulants or amphetamines

Before taking up the Phentermine doses, you must clearly inform your doctor about comprehensive medical history and especially report if you have- diabetes, thyroid disorder, . Besides, Phentermine should not be used by anybody below 16 years of age.

What are the doses of Phentermine?

Follow the Phentermine dosage instructions as would be prescribed by your doctor as any under dose or overdose of the pill could mean severe effects.

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Also, you must not take the pill for longer period than recommended.

  • In most of the cases, doctors often advise phentermine consumption either 2 hours post breakfast or on empty stomach prior to breakfast. The tablets could be taken without or with food. However, as you take the tablet orally, let it dissolve on its own & never swallow or chew the pill.
  • Taking Phentermine in the evening could trigger insomniac effects. Thus, the doctors also advice against consuming Phentermine after 6:00 p.m.
  • In regards to the course of Phentermine, the pill would be only taken for some weeks and never for a prolonged period of time.
  • You must inform your doctor if you feel increased appetite after taking the pill.
  • Never stop taking the pill suddenly before you finish the prescribed course as it might lead to serious withdrawal symptoms. Follow doctor’s instructions on when to stop the dose.

1. Skipping a dose

It’s not improbable to skip a Phentermine dose unmindfully. In case, such things happen to you, you should take your missed dosage as earliest as possible. But, if it’s already the time for next dose, never take 2 doses together.

2. What if you overdose

Phentermine overdose is a strict no-no and you have to be very cautious here. In case, you overdose, seek immediate medical attention. Overdoses of the pill could lead to fatal effects.

Basic Phentermine dosage information:

For adults –

15-37.5 mg once in a day prior to breakfast or a couple of hours post breakfast.

For teens – 17 years & older

15-37.5 mg once in a day prior to breakfast or a couple of hours post breakfast.

Finally, the medicine should be kept away from heat & moisture, in room temperature.

Phentermine side effects

It should be noted here that Phentermine can lead to side effects in users.


Common side effects you might feel during the course of the medicine are:

  • Dizziness, tremors or headache
  • A feeling of hyper action or restlessness
  • Insomnia
  • Unpleasant oral taste or dry mouth
  • Upset stomach, constipation or diarrhea
  • Decreased or increased libido
  • Impotency

You must seek immediate medical attention if you face these following severe side effects:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Swelling in feet or ankles
  • Chest pain
  • A feeling of fluttering in chest or pounding heartbeats
  • Extreme sadness or happiness
  • Irritability or confusion
  • Unusual behavior or thoughts
  • Dangerously high BP, blurred vision, severe headache, buzzing in ears, seizure

The Best Phentermine Alternatives 2020

It should be noted here that Phentermine has not got approval From FDA.

So what would be the other best alternatives here?

Well, if you ask the experts, the best diet pills of 2018 are PHENQ & PHEN375.

The write-up below offers a brief on both.

1. Phenq

The PhenQ pills are the best-selling diet pills in contemporary market since mid-quarter of last year.

The main reason behind such a popular support behind the pill is that it is able to perform all the 3 needed weight-management functions to ensure a comprehensive weight loss.

It will not only suppress your appetite making you eat less but would also assure less fat for your body and a higher degree of calorie burn.

The prime active agent which keeps PhenQ ahead of other diet pills in the market is its patented formula “α-Lacys Reset®”.

The formula is made up of 2 separate ingredients – cysteine and alpha-lipolic acid.

These ingredients are designed to affect digestive activities and normalize the metabolism.

You know that one of the main causes behind fat accumulation is fat metabolism.

Added to the two ingredients mentioned above, the pill includes many other complimentary ingredients which accentuate its slimming quotient- natural fat burnet Capsimax powder, calcium carbonate, appetite suppressing Chromium Picolinate and energy booster caffeine.

According to reports, PhenQ can help the users to lose around 7 to 12 percent of extra body fat over a  period of 6 months.

However, the pill alone cannot help you here- you have to combine with proper diet and solid exercise.

If you are worried about side effects, well, be assured here that the pill won’t lead to any negative side kicks like other regular diet pills or Phentermine.

It won’t upset your digestion, imbalance sleep or lead to any sort of health complications.

Thus, it’s completely safe to use PhenQ.

Another great thing about PhenQ is that along with weight loss, the pill also improves the mental state & motivation of the user, assuring more energy.

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2. Phen375

One among the most effective weight loss pills, Phen375 has been operating in the fitness scene since 2009.

It was launched as a much safer alternative pill to Phentermine and you can even have it over-the-counter.

In some of the cases, Phen375 has proved to be more effective compared to Phentermine.

Phen375 assures an effective weight loss because it’s designed to amp up the metabolism rate of your body which automatically helps in burning more amount of fat.

A higher metabolism rate is always welcome as it also helps in better digestion, better food processing by the body and better energy.

When you are more energetic, you will naturally feel excited to carry on with your exercise regimen with great enthusiasm, leading to a complete fat burning curriculum.

According to studies and user reviews, Phen375 starts showing results within just couple of days of the consumption so that you can be sure whether the pill is actually working for you or not.

It’s to mention here that unlike Phentermine which works by suppressing appetite, Phen375 follows natural fat burning mechanism.

It does not suppress your appetite but allows the body to direct you for eating when you naturally need to.

As it improves the metabolism rate, the calorie gained from eating would be automatically burned by the body, resulting in faster fat loss goals.

Winding up

As mentioned earlier, the diet loss pills alone can’t make you slimmer.

You have to maintain a complete weight loss program where the diet pills would be a major aspect along with healthy lifestyle, exercise and balanced diet.

Unlike Phentermine, it’s a natural fat burner, and not an appetite suppressant, which means your body will tell you to eat when it’s naturally supposed to… yet another benefit to PhenQ Diet Pills.