How true is the myth about apple cider vinegar being effective for weight loss purpose is yet to be known, however, one can never deny the fact that this super food is extremely beneficial with regard to digestion. Best Diet Pills That Work in 2016

APPLE CIDER VINEGARIs apple cider vinegar helpful in revving up the metabolic activities, was one question that was commonly raised by many after the Roman warriors used a tonic of this super food.

Their intension was to enhance their energy levels prior leaving for the battle. Interestingly in 400 BC, Hippocrates took the super food to improve their blood circulation and to treat their injuries.

How effective apple cider vinegar is for speeding up the metabolism and aiding in weight loss is something that has been thoroughly studied in research labs all over the world today.

However, a recent study found that taking 2 tablespoon of this super food, prior consuming the meals can help boost satiation.

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Despite the fact that much research work is yet to be done with regard to weight loss, yet there are many proven benefits of apple cider vinegar. These are:

  • It enables your body to metabolite carbohydrates.
  • Taking 2 tablespoon prior consuming the meals can help decrease insulin dependency in people with type II diabetes.
  • It helps to keep your stomach fuller, so that people with overeating habits can actually overcome it and thus reduce their calorie intake.
  • Apple cider vinegar is proven to boost your energy levels.

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Moreover, a study in the past also highlighted the benefits of vinegar being potent in decreasing subcutaneous fats and improving metabolic activities, though whether or not apple cider vinegar is good for these purposes, is yet to be known.


APPLE CIDER VINEGAR doseAs the weight loss benefits of apple cider vinegar are still not proven, likewise, how much of apple cider vinegar should be taken to attain benefits is not known till date.

Interestingly, research suggests that taking 30 ml of apple cider vinegar, which is equivalent to 2 tablespoon, is an appropriate dose. Even though, taking in little quantity than this is also good, but 30ml is an ideal dosage to derive utmost benefits. Best Diet Pills for women That Work 2016


Mentioned below are few side effects associated with its overdosing:

  1. Esophageal erosion.
  2. Kidney damage.
  3. Hyperreninemia
  4. Tooth decay.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR side effectsIn case you notice swelling encompassing your cheeks, throat, neck etc, do not follow the wait and watch approach! Seek medical assistance right away as these can be the symptoms of intense hypersensitive reaction.

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PhenQ is a clinically proven formula that has benefited thousands all over the globe. It is proven to facilitate weight loss, without causing any harm or leading to side effects. Interestingly, phenQ is not just a potent fat burner, but is also a stamina enhancing agent that works to keep your body energized and charged all day. PhenQ is FDA approved and is endorsed by many dietitians and fitness experts.

phenq diet pillsThe supplement enables weight loss by curbing your hunger. By this, you are able to control your hunger and thus can reduce your calorie intake. Apart from this, it also revs up the sluggish metabolism so that the fats and calories, unneeded by the body are burned easily.

The benefits of phenQ are listed below:

  • It helps to shed as much as 5 pounds a month.
  • It supports weight loss by pacing metabolism and curbing hunger.
  • It includes a unique constituent by the name a-lacys reset. An ingredient proven to boost metabolism.
  • It improves stamina and energy levels for your body to surpass all performances.
  • It boosts your sex drive and eases stress.

So, this was PhenQ, a potent fat burner, lets move on to find how effective phen375 is.

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phen375As powerful and as effective as phenq, phen375 is one big name ranked in the list of best selling weight loss products ruling nowadays. Like the former, it is also clinically proven and is formulated using natural ingredients.

Phen375 is a very safer mean to shed unwanted pounds as the product does not possess any side effect. Using it will not just help you achieve a trimmed body physique, but the supplement also enables your body to stay slimmer after cutting the excess pounds.

Benefits of phen375 are:

  • It helps you lose weight by pacing your basal metabolic activities.
  • It curbs your craving so that you can cut your calorie consumption.
  • It improves libido and your stamina levels.
  • It is FDA approved and has no side effects.

So, these were PhenQ and Phen375, get yourself the one that best caters your needs!

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