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Our eating habits contribute eighty percent to our weight gain problem. Other twenty percent is due to an unhealthy lifestyle, hormonal imbalance, depression and lack of physical activities etc.

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This means that what we eat is actually way more important than a healthy lifestyle, when it comes to weight loss. Regardless of your sex, your eating habits are what ‘makes’ your weight!

So, do you know how the food we eat is turned into energy? The purpose for what we eat food for? Checkout BEST DIET PILLS for men and women that works fast.

New Year's Resolutions: Lose weight for less in 2016
Ways to Lose Weight Fast in 2020


If you’re on the hunt for a new weight loss goals, look no further. For people with a slow metabolism and overeating habits, using diet pills is a good idea to promote weight loss. Few weight loss supplements that have helped thousands with the same concern are PhenQ and Phen375.

The Best Comparative Analysis between PhenQ vs Phen375


PhenQ is a powerful weight loss supplement that facilitates weight loss in a very natural and safer manner. That is, the formula of this natural supplement ensures you lose weight in the healthiest way possible. Not just PhenQ helps you to lose the excess pounds, but also enables your body to stick to a healthy weight after losing it. Besides, PhenQ also helps to increase your energy and strength, so that your body stays charge for intensive workouts everyday!

PhenQ comprises of natural ingredients, which are proven to have weight loss effects. The supplement works by suppressing your untimely cravings, enabling to limit your calorie intake to a considerable level. Besides, it also helps to pace your metabolic activities, so that calories and fats are burned and converted into energy at a speedier rate. The price of PhenQ is affordable, plus, it comes with a 60 days money back guarantee!


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Like phenQ, phen375 is also an effective weight loss supplement that supports weight loss and helps you transform your body into a leaner, slimmer physique.

It is meant to mimic the results associated with a famous anti-obesity drug by the name Phentermine; however, what’s make phen375 a better choice than Phentermine is the fact that it causes no side effects. Besides, it also helps you to control weight after losing the desired pounds, which means that the results of phen375 are lasting, unlike phentermine.

As phenQ, the ingredients used to formulate phen375 are also natural, which means that the supplement does not possess any side effects for the users to bear in the future. Phen375, works by controlling your appetite, so that you feel fuller all day, and only consume your three main meals, important for a healthy and energized body.

In addition to this, it also stimulates your metabolism so that the conversion of fats and calories into useful energy occurs rapidly and speedily. Like PhenQ, phen375 is also easy on your pocket, and can help you lose weight with minimum efforts from your end.

So, if you feel the need to incorporating a weight loss supplement in your regime, then you have no better choice than PhenQ and Phen375!


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According to a recent study of Phoenix Epidemiology and Clinical Research Branch, the thrifty metabolism may really prevent you from losing fat.

Metabolism is a process wherein fats and protein we take through the food are transformed into useful energy. Indeed, energy is highly needed by our body to function properly. So basically, this process holds great significance and is considered as our body’s ability to generate energy.

As per a study, an active metabolism can help you lose fat at a speedy pace, as it capable of converting fats into useful energy constantly. With this, your body is able to shed pounds and control weight easily.

Then again, an inactive metabolism is not responsible for your weight gain concern, for it is count amongst the 20% of factors responsible for it.

Overeating is responsible for slowing down the body’s metabolism. In such a case, where excess calories are left to be converted into energy, these are accumulated in the thighs, butt and belly by our body.

Luckily, you can take measures for the transformation of calories into useful energy, so that your body is able to lose pounds more easily and quickly. All you need to do is incorporate few techniques into your regimen, and you are done!


Take a look at some of the diets the experts said should work the best for weight loss, and see if there’s one that could work for you. Here’s to a healthier (and slimmer!) 2020.

  • Give priority to healthy food, forget about controlling your calorie intake:Remember, counting the amount of calories you will be taking is not a right approach, when it comes to weight loss. Reason is obvious; you cannot estimate or decide how much your body will need to stay energized all day.This depends upon certain factors such as metabolic rate etc, thus, the amount of calories needed by my body to stay active may not be sufficient or needed by your body! Interestingly, out of 100% of calories we take through our daily meals, 70% are needed for the proper functioning of our organs, whereas 20% are utilized in physical activities and the rest are needed to breakdown carbs, fats and proteins.So, can you decide how many calories your body will need? Obviously, not!Junk food can bombard your body with calories, and working out for an hour will only manage to burn fewer calories, thus, switch to healthy eating habits and say no junk in the first place! By this, you would not need to worry about how much calories you have taken and how much you will be able to burn during the workout, just stay focused on healthy eating habits, and make a huge difference. Don’t forget to also checkout Best Diet Pills for Women!
  • Do not rely on mirrors and scales, take photos instead:Yeah, this technique will help you great to stay focused on your weight loss goals. Stop using scale or judging how much you have lost by looking yourself in the mirror. Scale is not efficient in giving an accurate view, whereas looking in the mirror to note a difference will only cause discouragement. Reason is strange, our brain does not has the ability to recall how we actually looked few days back and is good in adjusting to our present image. Thus, something that will help us give an accurate image about how we looked back and how we look now is our camera! So, to check your progress, take a photo every week.
  • Look what you are taking:A diet full of nutrients will greatly help you achieve a healthy weight. So, what does a healthy diet consists of? Well, it consists of proteins, minerals, vitamins and good fats. Unfortunately, the food we eat outside, lack all the necessary nutrients our body needs to stay healthy. Thus, as said earlier, avoid eating junk and try to cook your meals on your own. If you do not know how to cook, then note recipes from internet. Try to make food that is not just tasty, but equally nutritious.
  • Consider the rules of nutrition:Well, the first rule of nutrition is to prefer whole foods against the processed ones. For instance, choose mashed potato instead of French fries. Second rule is to avoid yourself from the products that are loaded with sugar, instead, go for foods like quinoa, oats, and buckwheat. These are good source of fiber and vital nutrients your body needs for healthy functioning. The next rule is to eat foods enriched with proteins, as these need more calories to be digested. High protein foods are cottage cheese, chicken, turkey etc. the fourth rule is to take foods that contain good fats.Remember, the misconception of these sources being the contributors in weight gain is totally wrong. These help to provide healthy acids to the body, it needs for crucial functions. And last, but not the least, drink as much as water to avoid your body from gaining weight. I would say drink at least 18-20 glasses a day!
  • Think WHY you are eating:Often, people eat due to their emotional state of mind, and not because they feel hungry. They find food as a source of relief from their pain (stress, fear, depression etc). Interestingly there are certain foods that actually stimulate the production of a hormone called serotonin, which relieves pain and makes you feel happy.

You need to determine the cause of your eating, that is, are you eating for you are feeling hungry, or because you are going through bad times? Do not forget to question yourself, prior eating anything. Do not eat if the urge of eating is not due to hunger, by this, you will be able to overcome your binge eating habits. In case, you fail to stop yourself from overeating, the its better to get yourself a good appetite suppressant. Also checkout Our new guide: Best Fat Burners of 2019

Expoert Nutrition Tips for Weight Loss
Expoert Nutrition Tips for Weight Loss

Experts Say This Is the Number 1 Way to Lose Weight

So, these were some useful techniques that can actually help you lose weight in an effective manner. Remember, no weight loss program or product will work for you, if you are not willing to bring a change. As said, the problem of weight gain is largely due to your diet, thus, making healthy changes will significantly help you lose weight. Plus, if you make changes according to the aforementioned techniques, then the chances of losing weight are considerably higher than other cases.

When it comes to losing excessive weight, then the task is next to impossible for many. Reason is, that more than 85% of individuals cannot forego their binge eating habits or fail to remain consistent with their goals, for weight loss is a long and lasting journey for many.