Phenocal vs PhenQ- Best Fat Burner of 2020 Comparison

You can’t just simply add “Phen” at the start of any fat burner and expect it to be effective. Ever since Phentermine has been introduced in the weight loss line, many users are after the real-time and effective alternative to Phentermine. To most people, it’s PhenQ but here we go with something else. 

Phenocal vs PhenQ

Phenocal is the right supplementation of basic ingredients for weight loss but does it work like PhenQ?

Phenocal might have been effective to some people, but is it effective like PhenQ?

Things like this are forgotten or simply ignored while purchasing the best fat burner in 2020 but do not be alarmed as we have gathered some unique factors to your consideration that might help choose the right fat burner. 

In Phenocal vs PhenQ comparison, we will look into ingredients, overall benefits, and side effects. For now, we think comparing these short but modes factors will be enough. 

About Phenocal- What Is It?


Phenocal is a natural fat burner that is sort of available like a dietary supplement. It’s a potent fat burner which according to the company is their leading product so fat.

The phenocal mechanism involves appetite suppression, rise in the Basic Metabolic Speed effect, and prevention of fat cell production. 

The company doesn’t much rely on scientific evaluation but the claims they saw coming from Phenocal ingredient.

Pharmaxa Labs is the sole manufacturer of Phenocal which was developed in 2007. In the supplement industry, we don’t find their name in the top-listed ones but we can say Phenocal has been dubbed effective by many consumers. 

What are Phenocal Ingredients

Phenocal Ingredients

Phenocal is subjected to many studies in order to see the efficacy of the ingredients. Here they are:

  • Fucoxanthin

Obtained from brown seaweed, Fucoxhanthin is helpful against fat cell production, and in several evaluations, it works best when combined with the pomegranate seed oil. 

  • Chromium Picolinate

Chromium is a natural appetite suppressor that prevents binge eating in overweight individuals. It’s the only effective appetite suppressant that you will find in Phenocal which helps in the reduction of daily caloric intake. 

  • Green Tea Leaf Extract

Users will get a high concentration of antioxidants and caffeine with this particular fixing. Green tea leaf extracts increase the metabolic rate which leads to faster weight loss. 

  • 5 HTP

Hydroxytryptophan is the essential Serotonin booster in the body. The hormone is responsible for avoiding the binge eating process by improving the mood. It affects the quality of the sleep and when it comes to the side effects, it has none. 

  • Yerba Mate

Again another antioxidant with a touch of caffeine will bring the calories to burn to a faster rate after it helps to raise the body’s metabolic rate. 

  • Hoodia Gordonii

Once used best fat burner but nowadays you don’t find the true quality of this compound. Hoodia Gordonii is the traditional medicine for appetite and uncontrollably cravings. 

  • Bioperine

Derived from black pepper, the role of Bioperine in many weight loss supplements is to increase the bioavailability of other ingredients. Once the BA of ingredients is enhanced, they will work at their peak levels. 

Phenocal Clinical Testing and Lab Results

It is important to remember there are no vital studies available for Phenocal. The ingredients might have been gone through some clinical studies INDIVIDUALLY, but overall the supplement has never been subjected to any clinical examination. It says the supplement is effective in controlling the appetite and that’s it! 

The clinical evidence of any fat burner narrates that it could burn the fat cells from the inside and some weight loss supplements even show the sign of Thermogenesis which is actually beneficial. 

Phenocal Side Effects

Beware of the Phenocal side effects which occur in some individuals who have tried other fat burners before. You can get the following negative outcomes from Phenocal upon long-term use. 

  • Stomach Upset
  • Nausea
  • Drowsiness
  • Anxiety

PhenQ– Best Phenocal Alternative

Remember it’s been about Phenocal vs PhenQ? Let’s get done with the PhenQ description and how it is better than Phenocal. 



PhenQ is a superb, clinically approved, and powerful fat burner of 2020 which has hundreds of thousands of positive customer feedback.

The supplement was designed as an appetite suppressant but the latest update makes it a complete package for weight loss. 

PhenQ is not a self-proclaimed diet pill but it has been adopted by many health experts as a diet plan which turns out to be effective.

In the search of best weight loss pills in the town, PhenQ stays on the top when you are seeking out the natural alternatives. 

PhenQ Ingredients

phenq Ingredients lable
PhenQ Ingredients

Speaking from personal experience and clinical studies, PhenQ ingredients are more powerful than Phenocal ingredients which customers need to know pronto. These are:

  • a-Lacys Reset

This is a proprietary blend of cysteine, magnesium, and alpha-lipoic acid. a-Lacys Reset is the thermogenic agent that brings up the process of thermogenesis in the human body.

For those who don’t know about it, thermogenesis is building up of heat which enables the fat cells incineration. The body burns the calories naturally and this element of fire is induced by a-Lacys Reset.

  • Nopal Extract

Nopal is rich in fiber which is obtained from the cactus plant. Because of the high fiber content, Nopal is deemed one of the most effective appetite suppressants which work by taking a large space in the stomach.

To some people, this is another way to say No to the sugar and fast foods. Nopal is also a rich source of amino acid which ensures your body has persistent energy levels to keep the fluid retention low and retention of muscle mass high. 

  • L-Carnitine Fumarate

The ingredient is obtained from the following food sources:

  • Red Meats
  • Green Vegetables
  • Buts

L-carnitine fumarate brings up an efficient weight loss by converting the fat cells into energy. This will overcome the tiredness and contributes to great energy levels. 

  • Chromium Picolinate

Chromium is a powerful candidate when it comes to avoiding sugar cravings. You can get a natural dose of Chromium from whole grains and some vegetables. 

  • Capsimax Powder

Another powerful thermogenic agent is a combination of Piperine, Capsicum, and Vitamin B3. This will fire up the body outflow of energy and burn maximum fat cells.

You will also find Capsimax Powder as an inhibitor of new fat cell formation so you can lose more pounds during the workout. 

  • Caffeine

There is a reason for caffeine availability in PhenQ, weight loss takes a big toll on energy because of which the majority of men and women end up feeling lethargy and mental fatigue.

Caffeine makes sure this never happens as it stimulates the brain areas where the improved physical performance and other features are involved. 


PhenQ Side Effects

From the company and the customers, we have gathered thousands of testimonials about the fat burner which shows it has no side effects.

Some complaints of customers regarding temporary headaches and bloating reported which disappears with time. This may require caution and find a physician who can recommend you the right diet plan for weight loss. 

Phenocal vs PhenQ? Which One Should You Choose?

PhenQ is the real winner of this battle and there are reasons for this. 

  1. PhenQ is tangible and great results bearer when it comes to clinical trials, Phenocal has no scientific studies available. 
  2. PhenQ is related to very less amount of side effects, Phenocal has a persistent rate of side effects reported by the users. 
  3. Both PhenQ and Phenocal has a natural formula for weight loss, only PhenQ ingredients are available in generous dose. 
  4. In the case of PhenQ, there are more Thermogenic ingredients available. 
  5. Phenocal only looks after the insatiable cravings and all, but PhenQ takes a step forward and brings changes in fat cells production from within. 
  6. PhenQ has built a better reputation than Phenocal
  7. The official website of PhenQ has more discounts and free shipping delivery options
Buy Phenq from official website
Buy PhenQ


Should you buy Phenocal or its better alternative?

PhenQ is the first and only alternative to Phentermine ever created which supports the fat cells cutting inside the human body.

Backed up by multiple studies, PhenQ is readily an experimental tool for the fat cells without the negative side effects. 

PhenQ is used by millions of men and women worldwide without the gender-based effects that dictate PhenQ as natural and powerful than many phentermine alternatives available in 2020. 

You can cut down the maximum fat cells from your body just by adopting a healthy and fat-free diet plan, but this will take a long time. 

Order PhenQ and find the quickest weight loss solution right away!