PhenQ Vs Leanbean- Which One is Better at Weight Loss?

Losing weight is hard and this hard to do a thing has many alternatives these days. As we are talking about weight loss, we wouldn’t forget about the importance of dieting and exercise.

Dietary supplements or fat burners are the top-rated supplements in 2020 which triggers fat loss from inside and are acknowledged by doctors in the US.

Diet experts advise their patients to consume the latest form of ingredients in their diet that are known for faster weight loss.

We can see some fat burners are in war online and some ideas must be given to the sincere consumers who are on the verge of obesity and other symptoms for the hazardous medical conditions due to weight gain issues.

Fat burners are a natural way to suppress fat accumulation in humans. Popular fat burners like PhenQ and Leanbean are working with their superior formula to make it easy for overweight men and women.

Not that weight loss diet pills are magic pills but they also require a proper type of workout routine that combines and provide the real effects.

Nevertheless, some diet pills reduce fat content in the body which we are about to discuss down below.

PhenQ Vs Leanbean- Content to Follow

  • Introduction
  • List of Ingredients
  • List of Benefits
  • List of Side Effects
  • Customer Reviews
  • Final Summary


PhenQ is a smart fat burner designed for men and women, the concept of combining the natural supplement with the best fat burners was originated from PhenQ where it turns out to be the legal alternative to Phentermine.

Phentermine is an old-fashioned anorectic drug that was used for weight loss for over 50 years.

The documented studies about Phentermine showed some side effects due to which it was banned from the market.

PhenQ was introduced as an appetite suppressant and thermogenic fat burner which provided impressive results at maximum satisfaction rate.

Leanbean is a fat burner designed for women only, after endorsed by many women around the US, Leanbean has the same formula as many appetite suppressants that reduce the fatty material in females. This leads to shedding of few pounds per week followed by a regular workout and diet plan.

List of Ingredients

PhenQ vs Leanbean: What makes a fat burner so effective? Of course, the ingredients make it effective as well as popular.

Without the biologically safe ingredients, diet pills cannot be listed in the best fat burner list.

PhenQ has a touch of a-Lacys Reset which is approved by many studies to form a marked appetite suppression effect.

Along with this, the main ingredients of the PhenQ weight loss formula are:

  • Capsimax
  • Chromium
  • Niacin
  • Nopal
  • L-Carnitine
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
Leanbean has one ingredient in common which is Chromium, apart from which it has:
  • Konjac Fiber
  • Turmeric
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Green Coffee Bean
  • Piperine
  • Acai Berry
  • Vitamin B6 and B12

There are few differences between the ingredients of PhenQ vs Leanbean ingredients.

Caffeine is present inside PhenQ as a stimulant that is effective against the slow metabolic process and fat burn.

However, Leanbean has no caffeine maybe because it is designed for women who react to caffeine differently.

Also, the dosage of some ingredients in the Leanbean is way higher than it should be.

Meaning it could be inviting some unnecessary side effects. PhenQ uses the exact same dosage as approved by clinical studies and those who can search on Google must find the clinical findings on PhenQ ingredients.

List of Benefits

As a fat burner or diet pill, any weight loss supplement could abolish a certain amount of fat in your body. But it’s about the overall body nourishments that you get which counts while using the best fat burner.

PhenQ benefits could let you see some better parts in the formula.
  • Appetite suppression/Thermogenesis/Metabolism Boost at Once
  • Reduced-Fat Production
  • Greater Energy Levels
  • Uplifted Mood all the Time
  • Memory, Focus, and Attentiveness
  • Reduced Anxiety Behavior
Leanbean offers the following benefits to females.
  • Burn calories without caffeine
  • Works within 3 months
  • Control hunger pangs
  • No drug available in the formula

Do PhenQ or Leanbean Have Side Effects?

It’s not like fat burners are totally clean and out of the side effects. Natural fat burners on the other hand are free from side effects but still sometimes evoked the shock values in some users like side effects.

PhenQ in higher dosage can cause jitteriness in some users.

Leanbean users reported nausea-like feelings after taking it on empty stomach.

However, serious side effects complaints haven’t been reported by any fat burner between PhenQ & Leanbean.

Customer Reviews

Comparing the reviews of Leanbean and PhenQ was pretty easy, as we could see a lot more suspicious comments about Leanbean.

PhenQ users are never unhappy because of the side effects because of the availability of a limited number of ingredients.

PhenQ hasn’t really changed in the past years, it still works like a charm!


Having BMI more than 30 has been haunting me for years, thanks to PhenQ I now weigh 134 pounds. I tried nasty diet pills and they only took me to the hospital due to nausea or headache. PhenQ has no side effects and is feasibly used by anyone.


Great product, great results. I am now having the best shape of my life and it seems like I have de-age myself. Following a low carb diet has really paid off if you have the best fat burner at your side.


Leanbean has wasted 3 months of my life, still no changes.


Got 3 pounds off in the first month, hoping to see some great results in the future.


Which Fat Burner is Better?

PhenQ and Leanbean are part of weight loss supplements online which are designed with different ingredients but have a common effect.

This common effect of weight loss is mainly judged by the clinical findings and customer reviews where PhenQ beats Leanbean.

First of all, the power and energy levels in the body after taking PhenQ is second to none which has been reported by male and females. A little workout plan added to PhenQ and you could see the immediate effects already.

Leanbean is a great fat loss remedy for FEMALES only which works great if you only have to eradicate a limited amount of fat.

What Makes PhenQ Better than Leanbean?

The more we learn about the best fat burners in 2020, we came to know the effectiveness of a-Lacys Reset, a trademarked ingredient found in PhenQ.

It’s a combination of 2 weight loss compounds which are CYS and LYS. The fact that they perform strong fat oxidation and neutralize free radicals makes it a perfect thing for weight loss.

Not just the effect but it engages in mitochondrial energy by bolstering the metabolism. Only PhenQ is allegedly capable of providing a-Lacys Reset into its formula which is superior to many natural fat burners in the market.

Where and How to Buy PhenQ and Leanbean?

PhenQ and Leanbean are sold on the official websites. There isn’t much difference in the pricing and cost or the money-back guarantee as both diet pills provide the essential features to the customers.

Leanbean offers women a money-back guarantee under which they can get a refund by returning unused packages. This sounds surreal as to how can someone return the package if they haven’t been used?

Whereas, PhenQ money-back guarantee only asks your before and after pics following the use.


Final Summary- PhenQ or Leanbean?

The best fat burners are identified by their ingredients, and what customers say about the product.

Both PhenQ and Leanbean offer a strong solution to extra pound gains but when you compare the two very best you have to choose one.

Ingredients wise, PhenQ wins over Leanbean because of the effectiveness chart shows by the clinical studies.

Speaking of customer satisfaction remarks, Leanbean has a good approach for some women but most of them are not fulfilled.

PhenQ has excellent customer reviews and shows it’s the best fat burner for females and males.

Weight gain is a common issue amongst people in 2020 which is getting worsened as things are still under lockdown. Some of us do plenty of efforts to get rid of unwanted fat, exercise and diet are not always the solution.

Diet pills like PhenQ and Leanbean have the complete package for men and women which applies the herbal science and put it into action with no harm done.