Who Are at The Real Risk of Coronavirus in April & May 2020?

The modern world is experiencing the pandemic of Coronavirus. The Coronavirus is continuously affecting every other man, woman, and child with the infection.

However, they may experience different consequences base on decisive factors like gender, age, and history of illness. 

The new Coronavirus has the potential to infect as many people as it can. It is far beyond our thoughts. During weeks and months, two-third of the population got this deadly infection.

It has fewer chances to change when the classic version of your flu or cold reaches the end, and Coronavirus warm up again. 

However, this infection will become a bit mild in most infected patients. Most of the people already got the antibodies against the disease SARS-CoV-2 in autumn before the next colds’ waves hit the world. 

Why older People need Special Care and Protection?

The elderly people are at higher risk because the mortality rate increases greatly near the age of 65 years old. In China, the mortality rate of elderly people between 70-79 years is 8% and 14.8% of 80 years to date in contrast to 0.2% of 40 years. 

Therefore, it is preferable to give extra protection to older people in the upcoming period. In particular, if they are experiencing and going through following health issues.

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Cancer
  • Chronic respiratory disease. 

It is a must for this age group to strongly avoid big gatherings like club meetings, concerts, pubs, and crowded places. 

Grandparents must not look after their grandchildren during this tenure of quarantine or something similar to this. Moreover, younger people must look after the essentials and necessities of the elderly people. They must bring it to the houses, so they don’t feel the need to visit any supermarket. 

Can Previous illness have a Connection with the Corona Infection?

The risk of Coronavirus was at its peak for the people who were already ill before the starting of this disease.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the older people who are already the patients of the above-mentioned diseases like chronic respiratory issues, blood pressures, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes as shown by the analysis done of the cases of China. 

Are Men more at Risk than Women?

As per the research data of WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION), the deaths of males/men were relatively pretty high and bit frequent as compared to the females/ women due to the SARS-CoV-2.

Reduce your risk of coronavirus

China experienced the death rate of 2.8% in men, and on the other hand, women had a death rate of 1.7%. A similar distribution of death rates appeared in Hong Kong during the outbreak of SARS in 2003. Also, men catch normal flu more easily in comparison to women. 

The women have stronger immunity than men. This is primarily because of the estrogen, the female hormones. It stimulates your immune system the right way.

Thus, it has the power of fighting against the pathogens more aggressively and quicker. However, the testosterone, the male hormone, inhibits the immunity of the immune system. 

Also, there are some genes responsible for the difference in mortality rates among the two genders. Some of the genes related to immunity are responsible for recognizing the pathogens. They happen to be present on the X chromosomes.

As men have only one X chromosome and women have two X chromosomes. Here is the advantage; women get for being female due to their genes. 

In addition to the genetic differences, lifestyle also [plays a major role. Men do not lead a very healthy lifestyle as compared to women. For instance, not even 3% of females smoke in China, while 52% of men smoke there.

Smoking weakens the lungs and makes them more prone to respiratory issues. Corona is also a product of Respiratory issues. 

Are Children at Less Risk?

Surprisingly, Coronavirus is not common among kids according to the mortality rate. They are no more the weakest people of society.

Surely, they get infected with the virus but only experience mild symptoms or don’t become sick. Doctors feel that the unspecific system is already working effectively in the children.

Yet, No child died due to COVID-19. 

However, the newborn builds passive immunization until they are capable enough to build their own by the age of 10 years. Still, their immunity system keeps on advancing and learning of new pathogens appearing around. 

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