11 healthy diet tips for Healthy lifestyle

healthy eating diet

The secret behind leading a successful life is the amalgamation of both health and wealth. As much as it is important to have a busy life to fulfill your needs, it is equally important to take care of your health. Health is made up of many important and aspects which combine together to assure a healthy life.

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One of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle is the diet of an individual. The diet plan can vary at times based on the demands of any person but the tips overall remain the same.

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11 of the most important tips that should be followed for a healthy and result oriented diet are:

1. Drink Orange juice in the morning with added calcium:

Having a healthy start to the morning is one of the most important and note worthy aspect of a diet. The intake of calcium is not only healthy for the body but also creates the strength in the body to tackle many deficiencies.

Most orange juices which have calcium in it are believed to act as a weight loss agent as well.

2. Have Cereal with at least 7 gram of fiber:

Fiber is believed to be a very healthy alternative to many other diets. Cereals come across as a small intake of food during the morning to keep the body running.

7 grams of fiber in the cereals would eventually make it easy for the body to counter the effect of calories.

3. Pour some milk in your coffee:

coffee cupCoffee on its own, made in hot water is nothing more than a very strenuous wake up call.

Just the addition of milk will make this wakeup call transpire into a very healthy drink which can resemble the benefits of many other alternatives like calcium drinks.

4. Always have an apple with you at work:

Working in the modern day can be a very big hassle for many people. The complexities promote a habit of unhealthy eating.

This habit is started due to the need to munch on things. Once you have an apple on your table, the need to go and get a chocolate or get some chips will be no more and you will be munching on a very healthy alternative in the form of apples.

Furthermore putting some nuts in the drawer can also come handy, this is because nuts are not only healthy but can be taken in small quantities in small intervals.

5. Get products with whole wheat:

Bread and pasta are items that are available in whole wheat forms. It is best advised to get them in whole wheat form so that along with the taste you can extract a few health benefits as well.

Whole wheat form has a lot of fibers and is very beneficial for the health and for losing weight as well.

6. Order pizza the healthy way:

PizzaPizza has become an integral part of the schedule of many individuals. This craving can be converted into a healthy alternative by changing the way you order it.

While ordering pizza, be sure to ask for a double topping of tomatoes and a half topping of cheese.

7. Don’t forget to order desserts:

Desserts are an integral part of a meal. Recent study has found that raspberry and blueberry desserts can have a healthy impact on the body.

8. Always eat half your portion at a restaurant:

Most restaurants serve dishes which can be a mouthful. Hence it is best to always eat half and save the rest for a takeaway.

This can be done by ordering the waiters to serve you with half of the dish and keep the other half for takeaway. This will stop the infatuation to finish the whole dish in one go.

9. The Veggies are not that bad:

Vegetables due to their not so lissome taste have been avoided by many people. But it is advised to keep them always as a side dish wherever you go.

The vegetables not only add to the taste and beauty of the main dish but also provide you with the most important nutrition.

10. Replace chocolate with Cocoa:

ChocolateChocolate is something that makes a lot of people drool over its extravagant taste. Besides the taste, chocolate does tend to have a lot of different side effects.

The threat of diabetes, along with the massive gain in calories does tend to present chocolate as a very unhealthy luxury.

Good news, for all chocolate lovers is that chocolate can now be replaced by Cocoa which does have the same taste but not the health risks.

11. Drink lots of water:

From waking up in the morning to after brushing your teeth, drinking lots of water is a very healthy activity.

Water does not only reduce appetite but also is believed to reduce the risk of colon cancer.

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