Weight Loss Mobile Apps – The Best Weight Loss Apps in 2020

There are many methods to stimulate the weight loss process like following the strict nutrition and workout routine.

Mobile weight loss apps

One of the best ways is to use the smartphone because it is easier to get in the shape.

The weight loss apps are easy to use and they are supported and motivated toward the weight loss goals.

There are plenty of ways to lose up the weight and thanks to the smartphone. You can lose the weight easily with the enjoyment as well.

Listening to music with the workout routine can actually provide you the apps at your fingertips.

Nowadays, the weight loss app is at the highest rate through which you can lose the weight easily.

Losing of weight through applications making the goals fill with the fun and rewarding.

Tracking all of the goals can actually boost up the motivation and make your mission better.

What Is The Purpose Of Weight Loss App And Why They Are Beneficial For You?

The mobile phones make the lives easier and find in different ways. When it comes to the weight loss app so, you can definitely find an impressive thing.

weight loss tracking app

There are thousands of app available through which you can take the help.

According to studies, the self-monitoring may promote weight loss by increasing the awareness and habit progress.

The database can help you to track the calories along with searching.

Maintaining healthy weight is crucial for the wellness and managing the healthy weight.

Nowadays, losing weight is incredibly challenging. To follow this journey, people turn toward the app to track the calorie intake.

If you want to lose the weight so, definitely you need an app to stick toward the diet.

The weight loss apps are the one which can help you to maintain the weight and track the various lifestyle habits such as the calorie intake and exercises method.

There are different types of app are available online that can help you to stay motivated toward the weight loss goal and can actually work for you in an amazing way.

These app are free and make the personalized diet that can help you to stay up the healthy diet and the workout.

These food apps are useful to track down the calories, nutrients, and other crucial information.

I have collected the best weight loss app in the year 2020. These apps are beneficial for the both BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, And iphone.

How These Apps Work For Weight Loss?

These apps are useful to track down all of the essential information related to weight loss.

First of all, you need to check out the following things,

  • Adjust the calories
  • Get the update of most of your workout
  • Record all of the data of nutrition plan
apps for tracking weight loss

You can make the virtual weight loss plan.

You can easily connect to the people in the various devices and the food information.

This option helps you to lose the weight combined with smart decisions. These app allows you to create your own data regarding to the weight loss goals.

You can easily add the custom foods and share the recipes, you can scan the UPC to add the food.

Losing weight is possible to make the goal fun and rewarding. These apps help you to encourage the process and high the motivation that can definitely helpful for you.

The app users log can track the weight loss goals record and the type of exercises.

These apps are overwhelming for some people but, sometimes good for the right one. The good and the best apps are easy to use.

There are many studies that show using the smartphone app for weight loss as compared to the other exercises.

The self-monitoring can allow you to do more exercise, emotional triggering, and hunger cues. You can easily download the mobile apps to track the calories more.

Track The Calories Into The App

The calories play an important role to maintain the healthy weight and consider the nutrition.

calories count weight loss app

You can easily note down the portion sizes and the macronutrients such as the protein, fat, and the carbohydrates.

Tracking these macronutrients is also useful to maintain the healthy weight.

To get started, we have collected some of the best application that can help you for shedding the excess pounds, track out the calorie, and to maintain the healthy weight.

In the applications, there is also another option are available to connect with the users, contact, and Facebook friends for getting the support and motivation.

Here I have collected the best weight loss app for increasing progress and habits.

The Best Weight Loss Apps in 2020

1) Lose It

Lose It Weight loss App

The lose it is the best app for the weight loss app, user-friendly, download simply that allows you to track the food intake and the exercises.

This app allows you to save the nutritional information and the calorie count for iPhone and the Android users to achieve sustainable weight loss.

You can see the information on your computer as well.

There is also an option to connect the people, devices, and the food information that will help you to lose the weight with the smart decisions.

You can design your own weight loss plan by creating the target, plans, and the goals.

There are the other apps like Runkeeper, Nike +, and different devices that can help you to track the calories and fitness data.

Lose It has created a budget for the weight loss goals and begin the track.


  • The team of information allows the experts to verify the nutrition information in their database.
  • This app is easy to operate and sign up
  • There is not high cost until you get into the premium version
  • You can sync with the other weight loss and the fitness apps
  • The iPhone rating is 5 stars
  • The android rating is 4 stars
  • The price is free


  • It does not track the information of vitamins and mineral that you can consume.
  • Some of the food databases is missing on the popular brands

2) My Fitness Pal

MyfitnessPal weight loss app

My fitness app is another most popular app for weight loss that can help you to track the food intake, do exercises, and motivate the friends.

MyFitnessPal can connect to the app, and accessories like the Withings, Endomondo, and the Jawbone UP.

The popular app integrates calorie counting for weight loss.

The starting weight is given to the calorie limit of the day and allows you to log out of the day. There is almost record of the 5 million different foods.

The logging meals can help you to target the calorie ranges that are identified by different factors.

Myfitnesspal provides the calorie breakdown and the nutrients consumed throughout the day. This app can give you the nutrients update throughout a day.

This app allows you to generate different reports including pie chart, total fat, carbohydrate, and the protein.

There is also an option of the barcode scanner that allow you to check the nutritional information from packaged foods.

You can easily regulate the weight and get the healthy recipes from MyFitnessPal.

There is also an option to connect the users to share tips and the success stories.

You can easily track the foods and the nutritional value. There is an option to easily connect with the fitness app and you can stay in the shape for fitness activity and support you as well.

There are more than 5 million of foods that can count the macros, calories, and other nutrients.

It is the big selling point including fitness and tracker to access your community with the bonus.


  • You can easily use this app to track down of the calories count and mention the detail of your meals.
  • Fitness Pal sync and adjust the calories based on the burned via exercise. Adjust the calories rate that you gain and that you burned
  • There are premium version also available with the extra features and you can use the basic version for free
  • iPhone rating is 5 stars
  • Android rating is 5 stars
  • The price is free


  • The nutrition information of the foods in the database is not accurate and most of them are entered by the users.
  • There are multiple options are available for different food Item and spend the time to find the option to log.
  • Adjustment of the serving sizes helps in the time-consuming.

3) Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers Mobile weight loss app

Weight watchers is a very well-known company that offers the objects for maintaining and regulate the weight.

When it comes to making the smart decision, there is a need to identify the dieters and choose the foods for weight loss.

According to some studies, weight watchers app have the positive effect on the weight loss around 2.6%.

Their aim is to help the participants for low-calorie intake, sugar content, and saturated fat.

According to the individual goals, the person is assigned to the specific goals. You can use the app when you are going to intake the food.

This is a reason when many people switch this application.

The Weight Watchers app has provided many recipes that are based on meals and dietary requirement.


  • The app features on the best weight loss app that can keep you motivated.
  • This app helps you to stay motivated and show progress over time.
  • The iPhone rating is 5 stars
  • The android rating is 4 stars
  • It is available free


  • It is the most important that you should be the member to use this application
  • The costs are about $8.92 USD per week to attend the meetings online
  • There is a cost with the weight watchers is around $3.91

4) Fitbit

Fitbit weight loss tracking mobile app

Fitbit is one of the best ways to shed the pounds easily. You can easily track the calorie count and the exercises.

In this app, you can easily find exercises with the wearable activity tracker.

This is the best place to track down your all calories intake and to focus on the workout activities.

It is an excellent resource that allows you to track all of the physical activities per day.

You can track the water intake, calorie intake, sleep habits with the Fitbit goals.

These are the devices by which you can measure the activity throughout the day.

Fitbit allows you to record the food data, calories intake, workout, and all of the weight loss goals.

This application is a strong that can allow you to connect the friends and family members.

You can also set an alarm and to get up the exercise and notifications as well. You may receive the awards by which you can achieve the specific goal.


  • Fitbit provides an enough information that help you to track all of the weight loss and healthy goals
  • These apps are easy to use and have the several ways to keep you motivated.
  • You can set the alarms to get up on the fitness goals throughout a day.


  • Some of the exercises are expensive for you

5) Spark People

SparkPeople Calorie App

The Sparkpeople allows you to log in the meals, note down weight, exercises by taking help from the tools.

The app is consisted of over 3,000,000 food items.

The scanner makes you the easy to track of any food that you eat.


  • It is free for both iPhone and android users
  • Those who are using this app can easily interact with an online community.


  • Spark people provides significant or limited information that may be difficult to achieve the goals

6) HealthyOut

Healthyout diet app for mobile

When your aim is to try the weight loss so, eating out is difficult to try the weight loss, high-calorie dishes, and the large portions that you may offer.

iPhone rating: 5 stars

Android rating: 4 stars

There are many studies shown that individuals eat calories tend to consume more calories and to gain more weight as compared to the other meals at home.

The HealthyOut provides the healthy restaurant dishes in their list.


  • HealthyOut is available free online and easy to use
  • This app is run over the 500 different cities
  • It is incredibly useful for the specific dietary and the food allergies


  • The app has limited to the restaurant from over 500 different cities
  • This is not useful for outside the focused area
  • The HealthyOut does not sync with the other applications
  • It does not sync with the other app

7) Fooducate

Fooducate mobile weight loss app

This app helps you to make healthy choices, extremely important for the weight and can be overwhelming.

This app also allow the better navigation and various types of products in the different stores.

The Fooducate consisted of the nutrition scanner that notifies unhealthy ingredients in the product.

It gives a healthier and alternative way to purchase.

The yogurt contains a lot of added sugar that show up some healthier yogurts. It educates you that what you are putting in your body.

You can track the calorie intake, sleeping pattern, mood, and the exercises as well.


  • Make the choices on your own dietary goals.
  • The food system making you the choices on the dietary goals
  • The app allows tracking the calorie intake
  • You can find certain products for the allergen such as the gluten with Fooducate.
  • iPhone rating is 5 stars
  • Android rating is 4 stars
  • Price is free


  • The most common version of the app is free but, some of the certain functions are available with the paid including health and the nutrient features.


There are a lot of applications are available online that can help you to support in your weight loss goals easily.

best weight loss apps for 2018

Most of the weight loss app is used for tracking the calories, intake of food, exercises habits, and the other guides to make healthy.

There are variety of weight loss apps that can boost up your motivation, tools, community support, and the point system to make the time.

You can also find the guidance from these applications to make healthy choices from the grocery shopping. Some of the weight loss apps is finding overwhelming and the time-consuming.

The weight loss app is experimenting somehow, they can help you to reach toward the goals.

There are many features that can help you to achieve better results.

You must try it for achieving your goals.