Who says that stay at home moms can’t earn money, in this day and age there are many jobs that you can do right from your own computer. And no not all work from home jobs have to be related to customer acquisition services and data entry specialists. The job market has become more diverse and thanks to technology more and more jobs can be accessed online. This makes it easier for those moms who choose to care for their kids at home and juggle work without leaving their own house.


Party Planner
Remember that time you planned your kid’s birthday party where everyone had a blast, there’s a thrill and excitement in making sure your kids and their friends have the time of their lives. Maybe party planning is the career for you, instead of focusing on just your kids you could be doing this for your friends’ and neighbors’ kids as well. You will arrange all the event planning and logistics at home, everything you could need is probably online or a phone call away. Not only do you get to put a smile on children’s faces you get to make a quick buck as well.


Social-Media Evaluator
If you find yourself on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram a lot and your friends are thinking how it is a waste of time, you can prove them wrong by getting paid for exactly what you are doing. You can work for a social-media client and manage their accounts to evaluate their feed to make content consistent and relevant to the audience. This will require you to work consistently though, the bright side is you can work from your laptop at home. As long as you dedicate a few hours a day that should be enough time for you to manage their social media accounts.


Whether it’s for your own blog or freelance for different clients simply tapping away on your keyboard is a great way to earn some extra pocket money. If you are managing your own blog that’s great because you determine how much you write and how often, the returns may not be as significant but talk about holding your own time. On the other hand, you can offer your services to different clients as a writer and get paid by the article, you also determine how many articles you want to write but you have to follow someone else’s guidelines. The pay back has a better structure though and more consistent.


Thanks to technology a lot of information can be easily accessed online and fed straight to your phone or computer. As a parent, you understand that there are times that what is taught in the classroom may not be enough. Sometimes kids need extra help with their homework or just understand the lesson matter, instead of hiring a tutor for them you could be their tutor. Take it another step further and offer these services to other parents, who better to teach their kids than someone who has a kid themselves. Just be sure to study up on the topics you will be teaching.

Now you can earn as much as you can as well as hold your own time all from the comfort of your own home. Who knows what kind of career awaits you just have a fast and stable internet connection.

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