Lysol is already considered a household name, particularly in germ protection and disinfection. Our family has been a user of Lysol eversince, and we really valued its importance in our lives when my father got sick. He was bedridden all throughout his illness so the only way to disinfect his bed and room is to spray Lysol all over the place.

Lysol, all of its products, has already been tested to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria around us. Lysol is also certified by US pediatricians as safe to use for babies and children.

Last April, I was fortunate to attend the launch of one of Lysol’s To Go products, the Lysol Hand Wipes (see blog here). I soooo love the product because it can be used in different ways (as baby wipes, as all-around wipes, as vaginal wipes, etc.). It also has a gentle fragrance, as if you just washed your hands with soap. You can now see Lysol Hand Wipes to leading supermarkets and grocery stores in the country.

Soon to be on the Philippine market is another Lysol’s To Go products, Lysol To Go Disinfectant Spray. The new Lysol To Go spray comes in 28g (1 oz.) size and it’s only available in Crisp Linen scent. Crisp Linen is my favorite Lysol scent, it is so inviting that I always wanted to stay at bed all day long, haha. Kidding aside, this product is ideal for on-the-go mommies who are very conscious about germs and bacteria outside our home. This is indeed a good way to protect our loved ones from disease-causing germs, anytime, anywhere.

Lysol To Go sample

The compact size of Lysol To Go Disinfectant Spray makes it easy to fit inside our bags. The timely launch of Lysol To Go Disinfectant Spray also coincides on the moms’ preparation of their kids in going back to school. Mothers need to prepare extra hard to keep their children protected from germs and viruses outside our homes. We can also let our kids bring one for their own protection when they’re away from our home and us parents will not be there to protect them from germs.

Lysol To Go flyer

To formally launch Lysol To Go Disinfectant Spray in the Philippine market, several mommy bloggers were treated to a road cruise around Bonifacio Global City that embodied the travel friendly nature of the spray. Lysol team chose mommy bloggers because as we all know, Lysol has been a partner of mothers who want to keep a healthy home for their family. The launch also served as a treat for hard-working mothers—like me—as a way of paying homage to the tireless effort of the moms who keep their homes safe and clean from germs.

2015-05-28 14.24.36

Me with some of the top mommy bloggers while waiting for our ‘surprise treat’



2015-05-28 16.24.30

The party bus is now here! Off we go to a road cruise around BGC!

2015-05-28 17.35.34

Thank you, Lysol, for this wonderful treat!

Lysol is indeed committed on their mission to protect everyone from germs anytime, anywhere. Thank you, Lysol, for protecting our family from disease-causing germs.


Lysol To Go Logo


To know more about the new Lysol To Go products, you may visit their Facebook page at and Instagram account at @LysolPH

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