I’ve never been this excited before! I chose to accept this mission and I’m all pumped up to start it. I’ve been a fan of Jergens, that was why I was so interested to do the Jergens 7-Day Challenge. I knew that their products work and I wanted to have youthful glowing skin again. It’s my birthday today and it was the perfect time for a big transformation and I know that having glowing skin is integral to my transformation!

After accepting the mission, I was sent this package. The box contained an Original Beauty Lotion Dry Skin Moisturiser and a Daily Moisture Dry Skin Moisturiser. It also contained a coffee cup  and the note below.

Jergens 7 Day Challenge

Here are my tools for the Jergens Skincare 7 day challenge!

Here are my tools for the Jergens Skincare 7 day challenge!

The Welcome to the Jergens 7-Day Challenge Note!

The Welcome to the Jergens 7-Day Challenge Note!

I wanted to try out the products right away since it’s not just superior hydration that will be given, but your most beautiful skin. Imagine achieving the most gorgeus skin ever and it’s all because of an upgrade using breakthrough continuous hydration technology for JERGENS® moisturisers. I have used Jergens lotion before and I can’t imagine it to be “better” since for me it was already effective but now, the best-selling Ultra Healing®, Original Scent, Daily Moisture Shea Butter, Soothing Aloe, and Skin Firming Lotions you love offer longer-lasting hydration and visibly enhanced skin tone, texture, and luminosity for your most beautiful skin, yet.

In achieving healthy skin, we should not only feel the difference, but also see the difference. Traditional moisturizers can break apart on skin, resulting in gaps that allow moisture to evaporate, creating dry patches that left skin looking dull. What makes the new JERGENS® illuminating Hydralucence™ blend different is that it eliminates dullness and dryness by creating a continuous layer of moisture on skin. This unique technology prevents hydration loss with a uniform moisture barrier. The smooth surface then powerfully reflects light, for more luminous skin and possibly the best looking skin that you have ever had.

With new JERGENS® illuminating Hydralucence™ blend, 100% of women saw visible skin improvements, 95% of women experienced more noticeably beautiful skin and 89% said their more noticeably beautiful skin lasted all day. Created not just to moisturize skin, but also to beautify it, JERGENS® moisturisers will change the way you think about body lotion to noticeably improve the appearance of your skin.

Here is the new collection from Jergens:

• Ultra Healing® Extra Dry Skin Moisturiser: Get visibly healthier skin by nourishing and healing your driest, roughest skin for 48 hours. With an illuminating Hydralucence™ blend plus Vitamins C, E, and B5.

• Original Beauty Lotion Dry Skin Moisturiser: Get visibly softer skin that lasts all day. With an illuminating Hydralucence™ blend and nourishing hydrators infused with our classic Cherry Almond Essence.

• Daily Moisture Dry Skin Moisturiser: Get three times visibly smooth skin with moisture that lasts up to 24 hours. With an illuminating Hydralucence™ blend plus Silk Proteins and Citrus Extracts.

• Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Moisturiser: Get visibly radiant skin that’s conditioned and enriched. Thanks to Pure African Shea Butter combined with sheen enhancing illuminating Hydralucence™ blend.

• Soothing Aloe Refreshing Moisturiser: Get visibly refreshed skin that’s noticeably soothed. With Cucumber Extract and Pure Aloe Vera plus an illuminating Hydralucence™ blend.

• Skin Firming Toning Moisturiser: Get visibly firmer skin and increased elasticity. Contains Collagen, Elastin, and an illuminating Hydralucence™ blend.

Jergens 7-day challenge

With knowing all of these, I was even more excited to take part in this Jergens 7-Day Challenge! This post will be updated everyday for 7 days so that you can join me accomplish the daily mission from Jergens:

October 1 – Day 1


Take a bottle of Jergens from your welcome pack and share it with a complete stranger. Tell us why you chose that person and her reaction when she received your gift. Post a photo of her with her Jergens bottle.

**Tip of the day: Have the confidence to approach anyone with your stunningly beautiful skin. Apply your favorite Jergens variant before embarking on this mission to achieve that instant glow. Then keep applying Jergens twice a day to reveal your most beautiful skin yet

Okay, so for Day 1, my accomplice and I knew who to approach and we were confident because both of us had stunningly beautiful skin. ;-) We chose this lady because we see her every day. She greets us every morning when we leave the building, but we hardly get to talk to her nor thank her for staying up all night to watch over all of us who live in the building. Her name is Ms. Dona.

I told my accomplice the plan and this was her reaction…

My Accomplice!

My Accomplice! — “Let’s do it, mama!”

My accomplice steadily approaches the target and hands out the bottle of Daily Moisture Dry Skin Moisturiser. Ms. Dona was surprised and she didn’t expect that it was for her.

Accomplice giving the bottle of Jergens to Miss Dona

Accomplice giving the bottle of Jergens to Miss Dona

She happily said “thank you” with that charming smile that she always flashes! Now she can enjoy glowing and youthful skin every day with Jergens!

Thank you Zeeka!

Thank you Zeeka!

Picture of me, my accomplice and miss Dona

Day 1... Mission Accomplished, Jergens!

Day 1… Mission Accomplished, Jergens!


October 2 – Day 2


Apply the new Jergens only on your left are and leave the right arm bare for the meantime. Take a photo of both arms comparing the two and tell us your observations.



I did as I was told and I could immediately feel the difference. My left arm, with the new Jergens Lotion, is smoother than my right arm. As for how it looks, you’ll notice that my left arm (then on on the right of this picture) looks more radiant and stunning! With Jergens, you can really see and feel the difference.

October 3 – Day 3


Water is good for your body and helps keep your skin healthy and looking young as well.

Drink only water for today using your Jergens tumbler. Post photos with time stamp every time you do a refill.

*Tip of the day: “Dehydration makes your skin look more dry and wrinkled. Drinking plenty of water regularly keeps your skin refreshed and hydrated. You can also help lock moisture into your skin by using your favorite Jergens variant twice a day to reveal your most beautiful skin yet*

So I followed the mission and I drank a lot today and recorded it. I tend to get lost in the “busy-ness” of things and I don’t think much about standing up to get water, but I love that this challenge made me stand up and hydrate. I know that hydration is important so I really loved this challenge!

Jergens 7-Day challenge Mission #3

Jergens 7-Day challenge Mission #3

Also, I’m still using my Jergens lotion twice a day and people have been noticing the “glow”!

2014-10-02 20.32.41

October 4 – Day 4


Something’s in the mail! Keeping healthy relationships go a long way to making you feel good and look good.

Take your mom or your best gal pal out for a surprise lunch or dinner tonight with this gift certificate from Cabalen.

*Tip of the day: As you nurture your relationships, nourish your skin as well for a beauty that radiates inside and out. Apply your favorite Jergens variant twice a day to reveal your most beautiful skin yet. :)

I was surprised to see this in my mailbox!

GC from Cabalen for Day 4 of the Jergens 7 day challenge!

GC from Cabalen for Day 4 of the Jergens 7 day challenge!

I hurriedly went to the room to prep myself up and then I got my bottle of Jergens lotion. After my accomplice and I nourished my skin with Jergens lotion, I went ahead and invited my best-est friend in the whole world for lunch at Cabalen!
jergens 7 day challenge 4

Of course, my best-est friend is my one and only sister! We never get to spend much time with each other, since i’m a busy mom and she’s busy with work. It’s so nice to finally get to spend more time with her! Although I don’t get to spend much time with her, I really appreciate having her for a sister. She picks me up when i’m down. She helps me with stuff, especially picking out clothes for me (cause I’m not good at that! lol!) and she’s a very good aunt to my daughter! I love you, sis!

Had lunch with my sister, who is my best-est friend!

Had lunch with my sister, who is my best-est friend!

October 5 – Day 5


Share your blessings, Gain a friend!

Host a GIVEAWAY and make someone smile today. Choose 1 reader to receive a Jergens gift pack and give the gift of beautiful skin. Don’t worry we’ll take care of delivery.

*Tip of the day: Someone once said that a smile is a woman’s best accessory. We believe that, and so is her skin. Apply your favorite Jergens twice a day to reveal your most beautiful skin yet.

Okay, to fulfill this mission, I will be holding a blog contest. Let’s not make it hard. All you have to do is to reply to this question by leaving a blog comment:

When do you feel most beautiful?

Then please leave your name and email address so that I can contact you if you will. I will choose the winner on October 8!


October 6 – Day 6


A healthy diet is needed to keep your body strong and your skin beautiful. Share with us a family recipe using ingredients that are good for the skin.

*Tip of the day: Jergens Moisturizers work hand in hand with a healthy diet and exercise in keeping beautiful. Apply your favorite Jergns variant twice a day to reveal your most beautiful skin yet.

Oh, this day was a bit of a challenge for me as I don’t cook. I was not gifted with this skill. Lol! But, I love eating healthy meals. My friends tease me that I only eat roasted chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner (which is ‘sort of’ true), but I do eat other meals too. One of my favorite meals is tuna omelette. It’s healthy and low in fat!

My favorite healthy recipe... tuna omelette!

My favorite healthy recipe… tuna omelette!

An all you need to make it is tuna flakes (better if you use fresh tuna) although I used canned tuna in this picture, two eggs (just use one egg yolk. Having one yolk is not bad for the body since our bodies need a certain level of fat, too. Mix it too with low fat cheese (not in the picture). Voila! You have your healthy tuna omelette!

For me, eating in moderation is key to having healthy skin. Anything in excess is bad… even dieting! So, we need to eat a balanced diet to have that healthy glowing skin.

October 7 – Day 7


Look for an old full body photo of yourself taken in the last three months. Then take a new photo in the exact same pose, this time holding the Jergen’s variant that you have been using in the past 7 days. Post the photo on your blog.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t find a decent full body photo. I just realized that all of my photos for the past three months or even one year were half body shots of me with my accomplice, so what I did was I just collated the pictures so that you can see the changes.

Jergens has made me feel more beautiful than ever!

Jergens has made me feel more beautiful than ever!

With using Jergens Original Beauty Lotion for the past 7 days, people have been complimenting me a lot. The lady teller at the bank where I go to even mentioned that I was blooming! They must have seen the changes in my skin.

With Jergens, I am more confident! :)

With Jergens, I am more confident! :)

Thank you Jergens for presenting me with this 7 day challenge! I love that you made me a more confident mom! :)

Thank you, Jergens!

Thank you, Jergens!

For the winner of my day 5 challenge, the 5th commenter won (Results – Research Randomizer)

Congratulations to Josephine Bahala who posted…

Nice! I would have love to take the challenge myself! :)

Now, about the question, I always feel the most beautiful whenever my daughters would compliment me and tell me that I am beautiful, and that they wanted to look like me when they grow up! I really love and adore my two pretty angels! :)

I will email you miss Josephine! Congratulations!

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12 Responses

  1. lovely joy merced

    I feel most beautiful when I wake up in the morning and hearing my phone rings, it means that my hubby is calling me, waking me up with “Good mornings”, “i miss you’s” and “i love you’s”. his virtual hugs and kisses and the hugs and kisses from my kids is pure happines!

    Lovely Joy Merced

  2. Donna+Donor

    I feel most beautiful when I gave birth to my one and only son and embraced motherhood so much. His love is more than enough for me to feel that I am the most beautiful woman is his eyes =)

    Donna Donna

  3. Rikka Redrico

    Wow, Ginger! What a great challenge!!! I loved this post! Jergens have made my skin look fairer and young back when I was still in HS. A lot of my relatives have been spoiling us with these fantastic products.

    Anyway, to support the #5 challenge:

    I feel most beautiful when I make other people happy because they love me for who I am. With or without make-up, messy hair and horizontally challenged, I feel like I’m the most beautiful woman in the world because my husband loves me for how I look and who I am. It’s not all about the looks, it should always be about the beauty within. :)

  4. Gracie

    Wow! I love the 7-Day Challenge! and I also love the packaging super classy! :)

    When do you feel most beautiful?

    I believe that beauty is a light from the heart, I grew up insecure because of my past experiences before.
    But I am thankful right now, to my unlimited source of confidence- Jesus! <3

    Aside from pedicure, massage and nice shoes hahaha, I feel most beautiful whenever my husband tells me thats "I am the prettiest girl in the world for him" hahaha! Maybe because he is the reason why I want to look my best everyday :)

    Mommy Gracie Maulion

  5. Sally

    I’m the person who doesn’t wear make-ups nor apply anything to beautify myself. I feel most beautiful after taking a bath, feeling fresh and clean. At the same time, wearing a positive outlook and having peace of mind makes me feel beautiful inside.

  6. Josephine Bahala

    Nice! I would have love to take the challenge myself! :)

    Now, about the question, I always feel the most beautiful whenever my daughters would compliment me and tell me that I am beautiful, and that they wanted to look like me when they grow up! I really love and adore my two pretty angels! :)

    Josephine Bahala

  7. Iris Castillo

    When do you feel most beautiful?

    I always feel beautiful everyday whenever I’m wearing my invisible crown. This positive outlook of mine is what keeps me beautiful inside and out. Learning to give back the love from the people who never leave my side and sharing the this advocacy to everyone who thinks that they are not beautiful. Making them smile and knowing that you’re the reason of their smile is nothing but happiness. Loving yourself is seeing the brighter side and not focusing on your imperfections but making this as a cue to move forward and be beautiful.

  8. Jennifer

    Best challenge I have encountered so far. Just like Ma. Clarice Lao, my favorite is the first challenge. Appreciating someone’s effort makes their job more enjoyable. It is always nice to put a smile on someone’s face.

    Challenge #5: When do I feel most beautiful? Hmmm… When I am with the people I love and who loves me in return. It is a chain reaction, when I am surrounded with positive people everything falls into place. Times are difficult these days but there is always sunshine with love.

    Jennifer Tatel

  9. Ma. Clarice Lao - Itumay

    Wow! The challenges are fun and meaningful. My favorite is the first one. It is amazing to surprise a stranger. Their reaction is priceless and you get the self satisfaction that you had made someone smile today.

    Now, off to support you on your Challenge #5. I feel most beautiful when i am able to help someone else. It makes me feel that i live in a beautiful world and having a beautiful and kind heart is still present in this crazy times.

    Ma. Clarice Lao

  10. Vicenta

    When do you feel most beautiful? When I’m going to Church with my family.Wearing my special clothes and shoes .Wearing my burloloy. :)

    Vicenta C. Rada


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