It times of need and despair, especially, faith is what keeps us going. I have been through a lot of trials and the thing about trials and tribulations that it’s a fact of life. We go through a lot of challenges but we survived. I’m a Catholic and I believe in Christ and his sacrifice on the cross that led to our salvation. Crosses for me are a reminder that we can get through all of these by trusting the Lord.

I love wearing a cross since I am reminded of Christ, and what a great gift was is to me when at a time of need, I chanced upon this site called the Holy Land Mall.

The founders of the Holy Land Mall thought of distributing spiritual and religious jewelry from the holy land where they have lived since they were born. They founded the Holy Land Mall in 2010. They pride themselves with the fact that they only offer jewelry with materials that they know are authentic and whose origin can be proven.

They feel that we have an obligation to share these wonderful treasures from the Holy Land with other believers around the world. All of their jewelry articles have a unique story, and a unique power, as they are stones from the historic and holy places of Israel, the homeland of Jesus Christ.

I was truly interested with this and therefore got a cross from the site. I got the Heart of Grace Cross.

Heart of GRace Cross 2

The Heart of GRace cross contains a nativity stone. it is carefully set at the middle of a heart shaped window right at the center of the cross. The stone is an authentic Nativity Stone that was excavated just feet away from the star that marks Christ’s birthplace in the Manger Room in the Cave of the Nativity. I was so excited to share this news with my mom and dad! That night, I showed my dad the cross and he was amazed!

Heart of GRace Cross 1

Certificate of Authenticity
The cross came with a certificate of authenticity. It says that the stones were excavated in 1963 from the Holy Cave of the Nativity in Bethlehem. The stones were certified by Elias B. Bandak, the mayor of Bethlehem and Father Economies George Bandak, high priest of the Church of the Nativity.

Quite impressive right! I feel that this would really be a great heirloom for my daughter. Also, it will be a good way to tell her about the Nativity Story. It would make my story more interesting!

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    Hi there! Thanks so much for the info. Wife just signed up on their website and I had to check if they are legitimate. Your post is a big help.


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